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MTM CrossFit is a world-class CrossFit Facility located in North Canton, OH

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  • Mar 30 2015

    Welcome to a brand new week! Congrats to everyone who competed in the CrossFit Open these past 5 weeks! For Easter we will be CLOSED Friday and Sunday with only an 11AM FREE Class Saturday “Making CrossFit Work For YOU” CrossFit is fantastic for many reasons, we all know this, none more so than because […]

  • Mar 27 2015

    Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about! The Final Workout of the 2015 CFG Open is here and the most notable thing is… This is the first year WITHOUT burpees in The Open! Plenty of thoughts and tricks about the row portion of this workout: 1. Make sure you take […]

  • Mar 26 2015

    Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about! WOD Teams of 2 30 Russian KBs (1.5/1p) 20 KB Sit Ups 9 Waiter’s Walks 20 KB Shoulder to Over Head 5 Waiter’s Walks 5 Rounds **Split Work Evenly, except for the waiter’s walks **Each Team gets priority to just one bell, plan […]

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