Apr 17 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 17 2013

Apr 17 2013

As promised my official and definitive thoughts on Yoga:

I HATE YOGA. Hate. After all it’s nothing but stretching, they don’t even have any barbells there. And I have a pretty firm rule that guides my life: stay out of situations that make me look foolish in front of rooms full of women.

And that’s what we’re really talking about here. Rooms (studios) packed full of hot women, temperature wise, taking note of how stupid I look and not a barbell in sight for me to be impressive with. In fact I minimize this possibility in CrossFit as well.

I Hate Handstand Push Ups, Hate all overhead pressing, Hate Push Ups, Hate high rep air squats, Hate – well let me just skip to the end. I Love only Hang Power Cleans and Pull Ups. Problem is that a Love of CrossFit isn’t really about the movements we are doing. It’s about the community of people pulling each other through such grueling movements. Because CrossFit is the end all be all of everything you need to do in life.

I can hear it now: “But Dmac, isn’t a key tenant of CrossFit to Learn and Play New Sports.” I see how it’s going to be. As though with nicer weather you think you can trick me into doing Yoga, swimming, volleyball, running (ugh), rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, etc. all because LEARNING and Playing a new sport will make me a happier more successful CrossFitter.

Next you’ll probably site some “study” that shows that participants of a strength program gained twice as much strength when doing Yoga twice a week compared to a control group that only lifted. (can’t seem to find the link but this study exists)

Finally you’ll throw incriminating evidence in my face: this or this at 16:00.

You’d think by now I’d be at least a little interested in doing this Yoga thing. I mean after all Graham and Annie do it, it’ll make me stronger as part of my lifting programs, and Learning it fulfills a basic tenant of CrossFit. But I’m sure I can figure out why it’s still bad…um, it’s, um…I’ll get back to you with more definitive thoughts.

[and do you know someone who could teach it at MTM?]

1RM Split Jerk
“Squat Snatch Isabel”

30 Squat Snatches (135/95)

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