Apr 2 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 2 2015

Apr 2 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!
Beginner’s Classes start Monday at 6:30PM
We’ll be CLOSED Friday and Sunday with ONLY the 11AM Free Class Saturday

Congrats to Beach who’s first son was born last night! Seth Rion Beach, 6lbs 15oz, 20in. Congrats Buddy!

Wrapping up Scaling and weights

This week we’ve posted a lot about choosing the right weights for a workout. We’ve talk about heavy-moderate-light weights based on percentages and how choosing the correct loading for YOU right now is the best way to get the results you’re looking for. Today we want to look at one small Mathematical Concept. It’s hardly a Concept even, it’s just a reality of numbers.

The larger your maximal lift the more pounds represent 1% of that lift. If you lift 100lbs then 1% is 1lb, if you lift 200lbs then 1% is 2lbs. Simple. The reason this is important is if you’re scaling based on a percentage, say I’m trying to lift 80%, then we need to focus on getting closer to that % number even if it fits awkward on the bar.

Say we’ve got 2 lifters. One lifts 100lbs and the other lifts 200lbs. The 100lb lifter needs to put 80lbs on the bar. 90 is kinda tough to put on a bar, you’ve got to use a bunch of change plates, so the first lifter puts 85% on the bar. The second lifter does the same thing and puts an easy 165lbs on the bar. Lifter 1 is 5% over their scale while lifter 2 is just 2.5% over their scale. That’s a pretty big difference. My point is that we should be more comfortable using small plates to hit the EXACT scales instead of just “getting close”.

Here’s some basic guidelines for what we consider light-moderate-heavy for men/women some common movements:
Front Squat: 95-135-185 / 65-95-135
Squat Clean: 95-135-185 / 65-95-135
Power Clean: 135-185-225 / 85-105-125
Squat and Power Snatch: 95-135-165 / 55-75-95
Shoulder to Overhead: 95-135-185 / 65-95-115
KBS: 1-1.5-2p / 26-1-1.5p
Pull Ups: 10-20-30 / 7-14-21 (Per Round)
HSPU: 5-10-15 / 5-10-15 (Per Round)

Note that the gymnastics movements are based on number of reps per round. They need to be considered and scaled the same way that weights are. If you can do 1 kipping pull up, AWESOME! But if the workout calls for 50 per round we’re gonna need to grab a band!

Teams of 2
5 Rounds
800m Run
30 KBS (2/1.5p)(Heavy)
30 Pull Ups

Split work evenly through out, resting as your partner works.

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