Apr 23 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 23 2013

Apr 23 2013

Spring Cleaning – we’ll be doing some spring cleaning at MTM over the next couple weeks. This will inevitably lead to the ever-growing “lost and found” clothing pile. I am truly amazed at some of the nice stuff that gets left behind! Claim your goods by May 1st or lose them to GoodWill.

Progenex discount code! I’ve generally been against selling anything other than jump ropes, water, and t-shirts at MTM. So much so that I’ve waited and waited to sign up with Progenex. I’ve personally used their “Recovery” for long enough that I buy 2 at a time. Games athletes from Speal to Froning use Progenex. Yes it is expensive. Yes the shipping is OUTRAGEOUS! Hence buying 2 at a time. But the product is really good.

MTMCF at checkout will get you 10% off. While I’ve only used the Recovery (Chocolate) I’m about to get the new Cocoon and Omega+.

2RM Shoulder Press


3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS (1.5/1p)
12 Pull Ups

If you did the 3RM Press yesterday for Comp you will not be doing it today. Take the time to work Mobility or the HBBS.

Comp Work
High Bar Back Squat – 3RM
10 Min
Power Clean & Push Jerk – 1RM
15 Min
100 Shoulder Touches for Time – 5min Cap

Watch this all the way to the end.

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