Apr 24 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 24 2013

Apr 24 2013

Adaptation is what you’re feeling right now. The human body is amazing at adapting to its environment. It’s what has kept us at the top of the food chain for so long(ish). Any time we change programming models there will be a period of adjustment – this is two-fold in CrossFit because our bodies are always adjusting to the constantly varied nature of the WODs but this week is a little different. In addition to the normal soreness we might experience every week you’ll also be sore from the change in programming models.

Listen to your body and be smart. Take an extra day of rest if you’re feeling especially run down (not if you’re just sore, I mean run down and tired and want to sleep and eat all day). Or better yet come in and warm up, do some mobility, and row an easy 1K then leave.

Wall Ball (20/14)
Power Clean (135/95)

Comp Work
15 KB Snatch Unbroken Lt
15 Weighted Sit Ups
15 KB Snatch Unbroken Rt

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