Apr 26 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 26 2013

Apr 26 2013

We’re coming to the end of another great week! As you’ve probably noticed by now our lifting and WOD cycle has changed to lifting every other day M-F. This means that every two weeks we’re going to experience two very different style of weeks. The first week in the cycle will have 3 lifting days and relatively short WODs while the 2nd week that we’re wrapping up today will have only 2 lifting days and 3 longer WODs.

This is naturally going to more varied than our previous several months of training. And therefore seem harder at times.

The type of strength work we’re doing is also different. We’re hiting lifts that we haven’t done (maybe ever) in a much less consistent way. This is good because it exposes our weaknesses and trains us differently but it’s also problematic because it takes consistency to build real tangible strength in one particular domain. Hence the “Comp Work” at the bottom which will have you pressing and squatting twice a week with percentage waves on the same day of the week for the next 12 weeks – just like we’ve been doing.

If you’re training for competition next year I’d like to see you doing ALL of the comp work and be selective about which WODs you’re doing. If you just want to add a little shoulder strength then hit the comp programming only on Monday or Thursday when we’re pressing.

Teams of 2
10 Deadlifts (165/105)
20 Wallball Sit Ups
30 Lunge Steps
20 T2B
10 Front Squats

– Switch every 10 Reps, Listed Reps are PER ATHLETE –

Comp Work
Front Squat – 1×8(75)1×5(80)1×5(85)1×3(90)1×3(95)
P Snatch – 1RM

3R NFT –
Max Effort L-Sit Hold
Max Effort C2B Butterfly Pull Ups (or 5 Min per round of practice).

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