Apr 27 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 27 2012

Apr 27 2012

This weekend several (but not all – it turns out Nate is only a Junior) of our Walsh University members will be graduating, CONGRATULATIONS! Oh, they grow up so fast.

Not to worry though: Jeni, Rita, and Rod are all heeding Billy Madison’s advice and extending their educational stay as long as possible – so they’ll still be around… for apparently years… while Myles, bucking the trend, actually got a job in the area (counting things, a skill he’s perfected in CrossFit).

In honor of their great accomplishments we’ll be doing a partner WOD:

“For More (years)”
12 min AMRAP
Ground to Overhead (25/15)
Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (25/15)
– Partner Holds a Handstand –

Teams of 2 will start the WOD with 1 person kicking up and holding a handstand against the wall (Wallclimb holds or off a Box will be used as a scale for those who can’t kick up to the wall). The working team member will do 4 Ground to Overhead and then using the same plate 4 Walking Lunge Steps. Partners will then switch positions and person 2 will do 4 reps of each. Then add 4 reps each round till 12 min is up.

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