APR 3 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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APR 3 2014

APR 3 2014

Free Saturday Class at 11AM Come see what all they hype is about before starting Beginner’s Classes on Apr 7th (Sign Up to the right!).

Friday Night Lights is coming… Open to all, $10, Multiple workouts, Bootcamp meets CrossFit meets Competition meets Kicking-Your-Weekend’s-Ass.

The National Professional Fitness League (NPFL – youtube page)

As a CrossFit Affiliate I either strongly discourage or strongly encourage your support of the burgeoning NPFL. At this point in time it’s just hard to tell what the relationship between CrossFit and the NPFL is (or is going to be) so I’m hedging my bets!

Some Background: Tony Budding, former CrossFit Media director and long time CrossFit HQ employee, has moved out on his own to start a brand new fitness competition league. To start there are 8 teams ranging from San Francisco and LA to New York. During the season teams will compete against each other in matches that will last a total of 2 hours. Up to 11 events, announced before hand, will comprise each match. During a match teams can substitute different athletes for different events pulling from their active roster of 14 (7 Men/7 Women). Strategy in-match and in recruiting is critical since you could sub in a “Strength” athlete into a heavy workout without worrying about their lack of met-con gas.

The big news for athletes is the team capitalization and payment requirements: To own a team founders must invest a minimum of $500K. In CrossFit standards that seems like a lot, by professional sports standards it’s a drop in the bucket. Part of the reason for such a high price of entry is the required “dressing” cost of a match. Each athlete will receive a minimum of $2500 per match that they compete in.

And THAT seems to be what the ultimate goal of the NPFL is: creating a sport where CrossFit athletes can be paid for participation, just like every other professional sport, not just winning. A major problem with the current CrossFit model is that only the top 3 receive money at The Games. That means that Froning has made over $750K by winning CrossFit and the next highest paid athlete is Khalipa winning $75K for taking second place last year. It’s hardly reasonable to invest the time/training/risk of injury/etc. for what amounts to a LOSS of money for most participants. Consider that if you take 3rd at your Regional and go to the Games where you finish 4th – it probably LOST you at least $500 in travel, lodging, food, and more just to participate that weekend (let alone the sacrifices and cost of training to be good enough to get there).

So Who’s on board so far for the NPFL? Mostly small names like:
2-times Games Champion Annie Thorisdottir
Inaugural Games Champion James Fitzgerald (OPT)
2013 2nd Place Finisher Lindsey Valenzuela
Annie Sakamoto (Who is the Annie that the “Annie” WOD is named after)
Daniel Tyminsky
…And soon to be much more.

So it’s shaping up to have some great athletes and interesting formats – could be a game changer, time will tell.

“Cleaning Up Annie”

Double Unders
Sit Ups

Start each Round with
Power Cleans (135/95)

Round 1 is 5 Power Cleans 50 DU and 50 Sit ups. Round 2 is 10 Power Cleans 40 DU and 40 Sit ups. Round 3 is 15 Power Cleans 30 and 30. And so on.

Comp Work

Cool your jets, we’re taking a bit of time off the comp and structured program as a way to recoup from The Open. Next week, or the week after, we’ll have a testing week and get a summer-time program hoping. For now just relish the fact that the garage doors are open – maybe sit out and get a tan.

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