APR 7 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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APR 7 2014

APR 7 2014

Tons of stuff happening or about to happen at MTM CrossFit! Lots of you have been asking about hitting some 1RM lifts and testing…Welcome to your favorite week ever. We’ll be finding new 1RMs in the following this week:
– Front Squat (Monday)
– Back Squat (Thursday)
– Snatch (Tuesday)
– Clean & Jerk (Friday)
– UnBroken Pull Ups (Wednesday)
– Power Clean (Wednesday)

You’ve officially been notified.

Beginner’s Classes Start today at 7A and 5:30P.

Friday Night Lights will now be a weekly event. Every Friday Night at 7:30P unless otherwise noted.

The 2014 Spring-into-Summer Nutrition Challenge will kick off Saturday at 9AM with a detail meeting and Q&A.

1RM Front Squat



Deadlift (225/155)

Comp + Intermediate WODs
Intermediate WODs will work in with the regular Group WODs this week. Scaling will be provided as needed.

Comp work will be suspended this week. Don’t do anything extra. Come in as fresh as possible for each day to hit the best lifts and WODs you can.

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