Apr 8 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Apr 8 2015

Apr 8 2015

New T-Shirts are up and Available! We have a whole host of options to choose from – Women’s tanks in black and blue to Men’s 50/50 T-shirts and Tri-Blends. Sales go on till SUNDAY: www.teespring.com/mtm-Ohio-Outline

Mens OHIO outline

MTM Internship Program informational meeting Saturday at 9:30a Learn how you can become a part of the best team of coaches in CrossFit!

7 Factors that Impair Workout Recovery by Mark’s Daily Apple Covers each of the following items that might be holding back your recovery:
1. Stress – Mental and Physical Stress outside of the gym.
2. More Workouts – If you’re already hitting multiple workouts a day or you’ve worked out for 5 or more days in a row you’re probably in need of a rest day.
3. Excessive Calorie Restriction – Keeping your calories too low for too long will keep you from recovering and will also keep you from that 6-pack you want.
4. Inadequate Protein – If you’re one of the “I can’t seem to eat enough protein” crowd then you’re probably not recovering either.
5. Lack of Sleep – This will mess up EVERYTHING in your body and mind.
6. Nutrient Deficiencies – goes hand in hand with sleep and stress
7. Infrequent Workouts – 2 workouts a week is going to leave you absolutely crushed every single time, the body needs to adapt.

Take special note how only 2 of the 7 are related to what you actually do in the gym. Of that only 1 is that you should workout MORE and if you’re already hitting the gym 3 or more times a week then it’s not for you.

3 of the 7 have to do with your food intake. Nutrition is the base of everything we do. If you find that your strength or WODs aren’t improving as fast as you want them to the answer is to go back to nutrition and take an honest look at how well you’re eating. Count the calories and track the macros and be honest about how consistent you are!

1RM Shoulder Press
3 Rounds – Not For Time

5 Strict Chin Ups
10 Ring Rows
15 Candle Sticks
20 KB OH Lunges (10 Each Arm)

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