Aug 11 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 11 2014

Aug 11 2014

Welcome to a brand new week!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday for the Swim WOD! We had a great turnout, great weather, and fun times were had by all. Swimming, which is not extremely common in CrossFit WODs in Ohio, adds a completely different element to working out. Let’s just say that I was happy I could touch the bottom of the pool on several occasions!

5RM Front Squat

Wall Climbs
Clean & Jerks (185/135)

Oly Wk7/D1
6×5 Back Squat (70%)
5×3 BTN – Split Jerk (70%)
5×3 Snatch Pull (90% of 1RM Snatch)
5×3 Heaving Snatch Balance

Notes: Increase your backsquat MAX by 5lbs x the number of REPS over 8 that you hit on your max effort back squat two weeks ago. The 1RM i was working off that day was 350lbs. I hit 11. 11-8 is 3. 3×5=15lbs. 350+15=365lbs.

The Snatch Pull is the deadlift with extension and a shrug at the top. Make the bar path PERFECT, it’s pulling practice.

Heaving Snatch Balance starts with your feet in your squat position. Slight dip and drive to get the bar moving then punch down under the bar into your overhead squat. Feet don’t move.

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