Aug 13 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 13 2012

Aug 13 2012


I LOVE this picture. This is Tim in the morning class doing an overhead squat last in last Thursday’s WOD. Tim is new, like 3 weeks new, and he’s got some pretty good capacity but lacks the strength, flexibility, and practice at overhead squats. What’s the solution?


Here Tim leaves his ego aside and scales down to almost no weight to ensure good position over trying to be a bada$$. As a result his position gets better and better throughout the WOD. This pic is towards the end of the WOD – bar is over the center of the foot, arms locked out, Lumbar curve is maintained, and he’s on his way down to below parallel. Not bad position at all, and none of which was possible with the 45lb bar sitting on the floor.

How did this happen?
3 important things came together to make this scaling happen. Journaling, Testing, and Asking. Prior to the WOD Tim knew that he’d never done an OHS in the WOD. While setting up he grabbed a bar and Tested the weight. When it felt shaky he Asked a coach if that weight was OK. And this is how it should be for everyone at every WOD.

Know your previous weights. Test the movement during the WOD set up. Ask a coach.

Power Clean 3OTM x 7min at 70% 1RM
10 Ground to Overhead (45/25)
10 OH Walking Lunges
20 Knees to Elbow

The purpose of the 3 Power Cleans On-the-Minute (OTM) for 7min is for form and practice. Choose a weight, around 70% of your 1RM, and hit solid pulls and strong landings.

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