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Aug 15 2013

Aug 15 2013

ALL Saturday Classes are Cancelled due to the 2nd Annual Dogwood Swim WOD. Sorry for the inconvenience – normal classes next Saturday.

Garage or Affiliate by Josh Bunch and our Friends over at Practice CrossFit in Troy, OH.

Just because CrossFit can be done anywhere, doesn’t mean it should be done everywhere. Walmart burpees, while cute and oddly contagious, aren’t gonna win you any Walmartian friends. And kettlebells, while compact and as useful as silverware, may not stay on the fourth floor of your apartment if your grip gives at the wrong time.
With that in mind, we can either venture to our local affiliate or simply fill our garage with enough equipment to get by. But which is better?

While I’m wildly aware of Ben Smith’s success (he’s the third fittest man in the world who owns CrossFit Krypton but once did all his training from a garage) while training three inches away from a refrigerator in a parking space that would make a midget claustrophobic, I’d still vote for the affiliate every time. I’d even give my nod to the so-called “bad affiliate,” before I recommended the solitude of a garage.

And yes I own a CrossFit and have for six years, and no it’s not my bank account that’s motivating me to celebrate the affiliate; it’s the dozens of garage CrossFitters I’ve trained over the years. The ones in town on vacation or business, the ones that just want to grab a quick WOD and be on their way.

Many, not all, have movement issues. It’s not that they don’t study or work technique, it’s that they don’t have a coach, and they don’t have a rabbit.

A coach is someone who knows enough about movement to help you correct yours. They don’t have to know more than you really, they just need to to be able to watch you, diagnosis the issue, and give some sort of correction.

A rabbit, of course, is someone to train with that you can watch. They’re different than a coach because they’re not really providing correction, they’re providing demonstration. Something we can watch and digest on our own, someone we can at least try to mimic.

Beyond that, the one thing that most garage CrossFitters cannot duplicate on their own, and arguably the most important CrossFit ingredient, is intensity.

More times than I can count, we’ve had traveling garage CrossFitters show up and look at the whiteboard. They walk the walk and talk the talk and guarantee they can play right along. We trust them and begin class, and sometime after the warm-up and tutorial, after 3-2-1-GO!, they quit mid-workout. And it’s not because they got lost or didn’t scale, it’s because they’ve never tasted the intensity of a 20 CrossFitter deep class. Not only that, but sometimes they’ve never been coached and their ego simply can’t take the criticism.

Does that mean garage CrossFitting should become as extinct as the land-line? No. It means that the Rogue rack and rings in your car-hole is just fine for practice and snow storms, assuming you leave the comforts of home for the community which is impossible to duplicate. The one we affectionately call; A CrossFit Box.

I could not agree more with JB on this topic. Over the years I’ve seen the exact same things he describes – and not just anecdotally while coaching but also in myself when I first joined an affiliate after CrossFitting alone for more than a year.

This article is one of the MANY reasons we offer a FREE Class on most Saturdays. I get lots of questions about our Saturday 11AM FREE Class:
– How many times can I come? We probably have 45 or more a year, so 45 times a year.
– No, really what does it cost? It’s free, you show up and workout and leave and NO money exchanges hands.
– But I have no intention of ever starting at MTM! Please re-read the first two.

The answer is always the same and is written in the article above. Anyone can always come to the Free Saturday Class. There is never a fee and you’ve never overstayed your welcome and come too many times. I’d rather that a person come to every Saturday and get even a little coaching, just a little cue, just a little competition, just a little CrossFit community than spend all of their workouts alone in their garage.

(except this weekend when we’re closed…#irony).

3RM Power Snatch
7 Rounds
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks
100m Run

Comp Work
Go to the CrossFit HQ Youtube Page and search Swimming. Study the technique. Plan on looking more like the winner and less like Froning this weekend.

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