Aug 16 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 16 2012

Aug 16 2012

5RMs are tough. 5RM Deadlifts can be miserable – but – they are extremely important. In CrossFit we have a tendancy to do heavy reps or light reps – heavy 1RMs and 3RMs build neuromuscular pathways while light weights for lots of reps in WODs build muscle stamina. If we only focus on those two types of lifting we start to have a glaring deficit.

Sure we’re awesome at lifting anything heavy once or anything light 100 times, but how about something heavy 5-10 times? All the sudden we look like amateurs instead of bada#$ seasoned CrossFitters.

Hence, the occasional 5RM.

3 Rounds
20 Lateral Box Overs 20″
15 HandStand Push Ups
30 Wall Ball Sit Ups

In a lateral box over you’ll jump sideways onto and a box them off the other side. As always scaling down to regular box jumps is an option.

MTM Endurance
3x (200m, 400m, 600m) rest as long as it takes to run each interval.

I’ll be doing this at 7:30p at MTM.

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