Aug 18 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 18 2014

Aug 18 2014

Beginner’s Classes start today! 7A and 6:30P

MTM athletes were out and about this weekend putting their fitness to the test. Congrats to Tom and Nate who completed a Tough Mudder. Nate has done a few but this was Tom’s first – a huge accomplishment considering that Tom couldn’t run 200m when he started at MTM, now 30lbs lighter he’s completed 10+ miles with obstacles!

KVA completed another Tri, this time getting 3rd in her age group after braving crappy conditions and choppy waters in Lake Erie.

Team SwoleMates competed in the RX’d division at APC’s Summer Sizzler Firebreather Throwdown. Despite being nervous about some of the workouts they put in a great effort and had an awesome time!

Tim and Drew both competed in the scaled individual division (drew seems to have done his best to avoid the camera). Tim, who was just hoping to finish better than last pulled out a 3rd place finish!

Great job everyone! Keep wringing every bit of summer out of the season!

3RM Pause Back Squat
Pull Ups
Power Cleans (135/95)

**On the Back Squat you will hold a 3 second pause at the absolute bottom of the rep before standing**

Oly Wk8/D1
1,1,4×5 Back Squat (65, 72.5, 77.5%)
5×3 BTN – Split Jerk (75%)
5×3 Snatch Pull (100% of 1RM Snatch)
5×3 Heaving Snatch Balance (+5lbs over last week)

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