Aug 2 2012 - MTM CrossFit

Aug 2 2012

Aug 2 2012

Everyone did great on “Fight Gone Bad” yesterday! Keep up the good work as we push to the end of the week!

3RM Front Squat
“Flight Simulator”
5 -> 50 -> 5
Double Unders

150 Double Unders for Time.

In this workout you complete 5 UNBROKEN double unders, then 10 UNBROKEN double unders, then 15 UNBROKEN double unders, adding 5 to each round until 50 UNBROKEN double unders, then back down the ladder to 5. If you miss you start that set of double unders again.

MTM – Endurance
2 x 1 Mile repeats. Rest as long as your first mile took. I’ll be doing this at the Walsh track at 8PM.

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