Aug 20 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 20 2013

Aug 20 2013

Squats getting heavy and weights going up! Yesterday we hit 2 single reps of our previous 1RM in the high bar back squat. I could not be more pleased with the result, there we very few misses! This means that 5 weeks into our squat program most if not all of you have seen an improvement – for many of you it seemed easy even after the upfront percentages. One more week of percentage training before we retest!

Girls On the Run Fundraiser – Saturday at 9AM – Come out and support this wonderful group with a beginner’s WOD – $10 – Open to ALL with no restrictions on Gender/Age/Ability/Experience. Hope to see everyone there for a good cause!

8 OTM 3-Position Power Cleans (High Hang, Hang, Full)

2 HandStand Push Ups
20 Double Unders
4 Pull Ups
20 Double Unders
8 Pull Ups
…+ 2 HSPU
20 Double Unders (These stay the same)
…+4 Pull Ups

In this Ladder HSPU go up by 2, Pull Ups go up by 4, and Double Unders remain at 20 until 14 Minutes is up.

Comp Work
10->1 Single Arm KB Lunge Steps
2->20 KB Swings
For Time

Alternate which arm holds the KB each set. So if you start your round of 10 Lunges with the bell in your right hand you’d do the bell in your left for you set of 9. Also, that number of lunges is no joke – so if your legs are pretty tired do Situps (unweighted) instead.

For your entertainment…Muscle Ups haven’t been a focus of our most recent cycle, I wonder if that will change in 2 weeks???

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