Aug 23 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 23 2012

Aug 23 2012

Saturday’s Free Class is at 10AM this week.

1RM Clean & Jerk
200m Run
3 Snatches (As Heavy as Possible – 3 attempts)

The goal of this WOD is to lift as much weight as possible after running. Scoring will be (weight on the bar)*(# of succesful lifts). So heavier weight is only a good thing if you can stick every rep.

155lbs * 10 reps = 1550lbs
135lbs * 12 reps = 1620lbs
– If two athletes each attempt 4 rounds worth of lifts, one with 135 and the other with 155, but the extra weight causes the first athlete to miss 2 reps the winning score is actually the lighter weight lifted more sucessful times. If 155lbs had be lifted just once more his score would be 1705lb. Yay Math!

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