Aug 29 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 29 2014

Aug 29 2014

“The Great Cubbie Clean out of 2014” will be happening this weekend. If you’ve got something stored in the cubbies please take it home with you. Everything left after Saturday will be placed into a bin and donated/thrown away next Friday (this will give you time to look through and see if you accidentally left something). Thanks!

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come get your workout on!

An Excerpt from “Regular Cardio Will Make You Fat

Now how does one become more efficient at slow, aerobic cardio? By decreasing overall energy output, which means burning fewer calories to do the same activity.

So how do we increase energetic/caloric output? We get rid of the most metabolically expensive tissue we have that’s taking up those calories, which means our muscle.

The net result is that you over-diet for a show, lose muscle, lose fullness, and your physique suffers. Or, for the non-competitive bodybuilder, you just cut into your muscular gains come summer when you all you wanted to do was cut down for the beach. Not the outcome you wanted. is a Body Building site (and the PR arm of BioTest) that covers a wide variety of topics related to building muscle and/or leaning out. While the Body Building world is very different from CrossFit there are several different things we can learn from each other. For example: mid-range steady state cardio is bad for body composition.

If you want to run a race, cool (cehck out CrossFit Endurance). If you actually enjoy an hour of running outside, awesome. But if you’re trying to lean out by putting in some extra miles in addition to CrossFit you’re looking at the wrong side of the equation and probably doing more harm than good.

Instead, if you want to add some cardio, consider the other two options: Walking and Sprinting. Walking increases your energy expenditure without being taxing to your system. It’s a great way to slowly and permanently decrease bodyfat while retaining muscle mass. Also, it’s fantastic for recovering from hard WODs. Will you feel like you’ve worked out? No, and that’s the point. A little bit of work adds up over time.

On the other end Sprinting (like 10x100m Runs with 90s of rest in between) is an excellent way to get the body burning fat. Because it’s explosive it can build muscle instead of break it down. Just don’t overdo it. 4 Sprints and 4 WODs a week is WAY too much volume. Try adding just 1 Sprint a week. More isn’t really better with sprinting if you can’t give it 100% each time.

Finally, diet. For most people (read: you) diet is where they should actually spend their time and focus instead of out on the road adding miles. “You can’t out train a crappy diet” is practically a cliche in the fitness industry. What do we see all the time though: I’m doing two wods cause I ate like crap this weekend. I’m running later because I ate too much. It doesn’t work. More food and more work is the recipe for getting bigger. If the running is long slow distance then it’s even worse.

We’ll be starting a nutrition challenge on Sept 15th – details coming soon!

12 T2B
MAX Squat Snatches (95/65)

Teams of 2

Oly Wk9/D5
5RM Back Squat
1RM Clean&Jerk
1RM Snatch

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