Aug 4 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 4 2014

Aug 4 2014

Beginner’s Classes start today! 7AM and 6:30PM

The 3rd Annual MTM Swim WOD at Dogwood is happening Sunday at 9AM Sign up here:

Here’s an interesting read from Suppversity: Female Athletes’ Body Composition Suffers From Chronic Energy Deficits: Effects of Energy, Protein, CHO Intake, Timing & Distribution in Gymnasts & Volleyball Players (Scientists have such a way with naming things to really make them exciting!).

This study is pretty exciting though. As is pointed out in the introductory paragraph most research done about body composition is done with people who are already overweight or obese. In this study they looked at athletes, volleyball players and gymnasts, and found some pretty surprising things.

The greater the energy deficit the WORSE their body composition. When athletes decrease their caloric intake or increase the number of workouts it makes the gap between how much energy they use and how much energy they “need” grow. If this happens chronically then body composition gets worse – which of course also means that their performance in sport gets worse.

Put even more simply: Cutting calories and increasing workouts is not an effective strategy for getting the body you want. I know it’s counter intuitive. Am I saying that everyone needs to eat more? Not exactly. The key term here is “Chronically” underfed. If you’ve been eating under what your body needs to survive while doing lots of workouts for weeks or years then adding some calories, specifically carbs, could be the answer.

How do you know if you’re under eating? That brings me to our 2 main points: 1.) Weighing and measuring your food and tracking it in a log is the only way to know what you’re really consuming. 2.) Nutritional requirements aren’t a fixed position, as your athletic ability increases your diet needs to change to keep up with your body’s energy needs.

3RM Overhead Squat
5 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
10 Pull Ups
15 Push Ups

Oly Wk6/D1 – The mythical De-Load week. This week’s work will be significantly limited to allow our bodies to rest and rebuild. It is essential that you don’t go hard this week (in the Oly or Normal work) to allow your body to recover from the last few weeks. What is “not hard?” you ask, the weights in the Oly will give you a guide but as for the WODs just leave a little in the tank – don’t sprint the end, don’t go RX’d if it’s pretty heavy for you. Just take it easy this week.

3RM Overhead Squat (Same as above)

5×3 BTN push press (take 25% off of last weeks)
5×3 Snatch Balance (Light for technique)
3×5 Stiff Leg Dead Lift (60% of 1RM Clean)

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