Aug 8 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Aug 8 2012

Aug 8 2012

Don’t worry folks, they’re back! Several of the more long-term members at MTM have recently noticed that we haven’t done many wall climbs recently (actually ANY since the move) – worry no more my friends, you ask and we deliver!

Wall Climbs
Ground to Overhead (185/135)

For those of you who haven’t done Wall Climbs before, fear not, they are easily scalable.

The key to Wall Climbs is in 2 places. First: snake up the push-up, pike your hips (stick your butt in the air as high as you can), and then reach your feet up as high as they can go on the wall. This puts you into an extended position with your arms locked out and feet resting on the wall – boom! Half the work is done for you already. Second: it’s all mental. You won’t fail a Wall Climb, just like a burpee, you can always do just one more. Just touch your chest to the ground and IMMEDIATELY go into the next one.

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