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17 Jul 2017

Jul 17 2017

Thanks to Bri and Cody for hosting the MTM Pool Party this past weekend!

3×5 Front Squat (75%)

3 Rounds
400m Run
2 Rounds of “DT”
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans


08 Sep 2016

Sept 8 2016

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

Row (Cals)

– Rest 5 Min –

4 Rounds
30 Double Unders
10 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

– Rest 5 Min –

Push Ups
Overhead Squats (95/65)

16 Feb 2016

Feb 16 2016

5:45am is Cancelled Today due to snow, first class will be at 9:30. Please drive safe.

The MTM Intramural Open
It’s that time of year again! The CrossFit Open is the first step on the ladder to The CrossFit Games for some… For the rest of us it’s a chance to use the excitement of competition to make us better.

This year we’re doing something different. Instead of signing up with CrossFit HQ and spending $20 to find out you’re 36,000th in the world – we’re going to do it ourselves to find out which team of athletes is the best at MTM!

Here’s how it will work. If you want in, sign up below.
Teams will be made evenly and randomly from everyone that signs up. Points will be awarded throughout the competition:
– 5pts for a top 3 finish
– 1pt for doing the wod at Friday Night Lights
– 1/2pt for doing the wod
– 1pt for each team member to complete that weeks coach’s challenge
– 3pts for the team each week who wins “spirit of the Open”
– and a final 10pts bonus for a team that has every member complete every workout.

Yes, that’s a lot of math, don’t worry the coaches will figure it all out.

At the end of the 5 week Open we’ll have a winning team who, along with bragging rights, will win some awesome apparel and a free entry to one of our specialty programs (Oly, strong, gymnastics, etc). You’ll also get the chance each and every week to get better. You don’t have to ask around much to find an MTM athlete that PR’d during an Open – it really is an amazing time for firsts.

250m Row
10 Pull Ups

– Rest 2 Min –
20 Lunges
40 Sit Ups

– Rest 2 Min –
100 Double Unders
20 STO (135/95)

10 Nov 2015

Nov 10 2015

Awesome job by everyone who came in yesterday! We had our largest attendance in 3 Months and tons of people got PRs! Keep up the great work!

To Gear or Not To Gear
I got a few questions yesterday about belts and wraps and sleeves so I thought I’d lay down this basic primer about how I think about lifting gear.

First you’ve got to look at the world you’re talking about to understand what is meant by the term “Gear”.

In Powerlifting “Geared” refers to special shirts and suits worn to increase the weight lifted. There’s different categories (single and multi-ply) for the type of gear and a Multi-Ply Bench Shirt can, for example, add hundreds of pounds to your bench press or squat. Usually a West Side Conjugate method is used to train for Geared Powerlifting which teaches moving in a particular way that uses the gear most effectively and trains accessory strength to keep the bar in the “Slot” of the gear.

In Bodybuilding “Gear” generally refers to steroids or other performance enhancing substances primarily used to either build muscle or cut fat. This blends over into Powerlifting because plenty of the Geared Powerlifters (and Raw as well) have taken PEDs over the years. It’s not a secret, it’s widely known.

In CrossFit “Gear” means equipment that would usually fall into Raw Powerlifting standards. Raw Powerlifting has exploded as people have moved away from single and multi-ply gear in the last decade opting for a more natural way of moving heavy weight. Because CrossFit WODs are “Raw” style lifting we generally want to train in a method compliments this type of lifting.

Gear can be broken into categories by body part: Feet, Knees, Core, and Writs.

Feet means shoes. Based on your ankle flexibility a pair of Olympic Weightlifting shoes can dramatically improve your squat position or they can just be a flashy piece of worthless equipment. Generally they’ll help most people. For me, shoes are not an on or off item. If I’m squatting heavy I wear them. If the WOD is heavy below parallel, I wear them.

Knee Sleeves fall into 3 types – no support, rehbands, and wraps. That order is also the order of helping your squat. You can absolutely lift more with sleeves than none and you can lift more with wraps than sleeves.

Core – There are two types of belts: Olympic and Powerlifting. The Olympic belts are typically black fabric and velcro while the Powerlifting belts are bigger and leather. The main purpose of the belt isn’t to reinforce your back. Instead it’s to help you activate all of the musculature around your core.

To Wear or Not to Wear –
Generally we want to be as strong as possible WITHOUT any gear. The athlete who can lift the most without gear will also be able to lift the most with gear. That said, lifting with gear can help strengthen your lifts without gear. So if lifting is important to you you should consider getting and trying different types of gear.

Realize that always wearing gear is a mistake. Always putting sleeves on or a belt on for everything is a mistake. Gear is really about the last 10%. Either in Weight or Volume.

1000k Row
50 Thrusters (45/35)
30 V-ups
– Rest 3 Min –
30 Burpees
15 V-Ups
– Rest 2 Min –
10 WallClimbs
10 V-Ups

16 Oct 2015

Oct 16 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

How Strong Should you be for CrossFit?

On Monday I wrote about how many CrossFitters, especially those with aspirations to compete, focus too directly on Strength.

The Mistake comes from way back in the day when most athletes doing CrossFit legitimately lacked strength. It wasn’t uncommon for The CrossFit Games to have “Heavy” weights like 135lb Shoulder to Overhead and 275lb Deadlifts (by comparison last years games saw 445lb deadlifts).

But, how strong are you and how strong should you be to generally be a well rounded CrossFitter.

The first answer is easy and personal: Take a look at your Benchmark WODs, all of them, and ask yourself where you’re losing time. Did you lose time on the OHS of “Nancy” on Monday because you were weak or was it the run and mobility? We’re you able to do “Isabel” rx’d and with in 5min? Were the Squat Cleans really the tough part of “Elizabeth” yesterday or was it the dips you had to scale?

After you look at your WODs and honestly assess your performance you can start to get a picture of where you’re weaknesses are. Chances are they’re not routed only in strength, they’re routed in mobility, technique, conditioning and strength…

Or basically everything. Next up, how to get better at everything…coming Monday.

6 Rounds

30 Double Unders
12 KBS
24 KB Sit Ups

15 May 2015

May 15 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

We will not be having the MTM Oly Meet announced several weeks ago this weekend, my apologies. We will be lifting 1RM Snatch and 1RM Clean and Jerk at Saturdays 10am WOD. Each lift will have a 20min window. If you’re looking for extra metcon this week plan on the 11AM class.

Teams of 2

100 Pull Ups (sets of 10)
100 Wallballs (alternating – 20/14)
100 Wallball Sit Ups (alternating – partner does the unweighted sit up)
100 Double Unders
– Rest 3 Min –
100 MedBall Squat Cleans (sets of 10)
100 Kettle Bell Swings (sets of 10)

07 May 2015

May 7 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

100m Run
Ladder 1,2,3,4,5,…+1
Hang Squat Snatch (95/65)
Box Jump (24/20)

06 May 2015

May 6 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what all the talk is about before signing up for your Beginner’s Sessions!

Regional Workouts are starting to get announced at http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/regionals What do you think?


1K Row
5×3 Shoulder Press – 75%
5R – Not For Time
6 Turkish Get Ups
10 Halos
20 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings

**Choose weights that are challenging only in the later rounds

01 May 2015

May 1 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

5 Rounds
30 Partner WallBalls
40 Kettlebell Swings
50 Double Unders

**Partner Wallballs must alternate each rep. Throw the ball to the wall at a slight angle so it comes down to your partner standing next to yyou
**Split Kettlebell Swings and Double Unders equally

30 Apr 2015

Apr 30 2015

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

No 6:30PM Class on Friday

3RM Push Press
7 Burpees
9 Power Snatches (95/65)(light)
14 OH Lunges

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