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01 Oct 2014

Oct 1 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about prior to getting started in our Beginner’s Classes on Monday!

“Flight Simulator”
UnBroken Double Unders

- Complete a set of 5 Double Unders, then a set of 10, then a set of 15, and so on. When you successfully complete the set you stop the rope and start from stationary the next set. If you trip or miss you must start the set over. Don’t worry if your double unders aren’t all that great we’ll have scaling options:

Half Flight Sim
Quarter Slight Sim
10 Min Max Double Unders

Death By
Power Clean & Jerk (135/95)

Oly Wk 13/D3
5×2 Front Squat (Increasing weight each set to a heavy but not maximal double, no missed)
3×10 Back Extensions
5×5 Pull Ups (W)

30 Sep 2014

Sept 30 2014

Yesterday’s over head squats looked amazing! Of all the movements we do the OHS is probably the hardest. It requires lots of mobility basically everywhere in the body along with balance and strength. Add in heavy weights and more than just 1 rep and we’ve got ourselves a pretty spicy start to the workout! Positions are getting better and weights are going up – keep up that mobility and hard work!

100m Row
6 Pull Ups
- Rest 1 Min –
20 Double Unders
50′ Bear Crawl
- Rest 1 Min –
20 Goblet Squats
20 Russian KBS

Oly wk13/D2
Heavy Single Power Snatch
Heavy Single Power Clean & Push Jerk

- Heavy Single is NOT maximal. No Misses.

29 Sep 2014

Sept 29 2014

Welcome to a brand new week!

Coaching Changes
At MTM CrossFit we place a big value on Coaches and Coaching. Coaches at MTM aren’t just clock starters or cheerleaders. We’re teachers. We lead classes and athletes – not just babysit them. Through our years of experience we’ve tirelessly refined the how and why of what we do so that we’re giving each and every member the best possible CrossFit experience. We want our members to know we’re here especially when a modification is needed or you’re unsure of a movement. Today you will notice a long overdue change to our staffing keeping in line with our coaching philosophy.

3RM Overhead Squat
Power Snatch (95/65)
Toe 2 Bar

Oly Wk13/D1
Today is the start of a deload week, next week we’ll be testing.

Do the 3RM OHS. And the WOD.

We’ll have new de=load Oly programming for the rest of the week.

26 Sep 2014

Sept 26 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about prior to starting our Beginner’s Classes on Monday Oct 6th!

Teams of 2

30 V-ups
30 Double Unders (Each)
30 OH Squats (95/65 – In Unison)

Each team of 2 will have 2 barbells and do their 30 squats in unison (15 a piece). Teams can’t get more than 1 rep ahead/behind of their teammate!

Oly WK12/D5
5RM Back Squat
1RM Clean & Jerk
1RM Snatch

25 Sep 2014

Sept 25 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11am Come see what CrossFit is all about before the next round of Beginner’s Classes starts Oct 6th!

Yes, yesterday was a crappy WOD and I’m sorry that I lied to everyone about what it was. However, those that came in set new PRs in their 5K or even finished their very first one. Excellent job!

1RM Power Clean

“Heavy Fran”

Thrusters (135/95)
C2B Pull Ups

Oly Wk12/D4
MAX Reps Strict Press (90% – Warm Up completely then hit it)
4×6 Hip Extension (Heavier than last week)
8×3 Pendlay Rows (Heavier than last week)
5×3 Pull Ups (W)

24 Sep 2014

Sept 24 2014

Strong hard work put in by everyone yesterday! Keep it up as the week goes on and the weather keeps getting nicer.

We’ve entered the 2nd week of our Nutrition Challenge. You’ve all done a great job of tracking and reporting what you’ve been eating! Now is the time to make sure we’re eating the right stuff in the right amounts. Use this week to hit your goals and to figure out how to hit your goals. Nutrition is a long road made from good healthy decisions not just a couple of days of hitting your protein numbers. Keep up the great work – you can all get there!

400m Runs
10 Candle Sticks
10 Skin-the-Cats

Oly Wk12/D3
1RM Power Clean + 2s Pause Front Squat
3RM 2s Pause Squat Snatch
3×10 KB Around World
3×10 Glute Ham Raise
5×5 Dips (W)

23 Sep 2014

Sept 23 2014

What an awesome couple of days we have planned!

“Moving Slow Makes you Fat”
The slower we move the fatter we get. Think about it in averages over time. If someone doesn’t get up out of bed for a week they’re moving extremely slow and their definitely overweight. The slow moving “exercise” routines are the least effective at burning fat – specifically Yoga and Walking. Does that mean their bad? No, of course not. Both are hugely beneficial (walking is great for recovery and yoga for recovery and flexibility) and for someone who has been just sitting around or is significantly limited in some way they can be a GREAT place to start. Are they all that you need to be lean and athletic? No. They’re too slow.

Let’s move beyond ultra slow and think about workouts that are closer to our level. Long distance running. Is long distance running bad for you? No. BOOM! I bet you’re surprised that I would say that. Long distance running has some problems but it isn’t that it’s “bad” – mostly it’s just too repetitive and people over train. Running long distance 3 times a week is often over training. Imagine if you did 30 min to an hour of pull ups 3 times a week every week for months or years – then couple that with the usual “fight through the pain” mentality of even weekend warrior runners and you can easily see how you could end up really messed up. Some long distance running is good, lots of long distance is bad.

Another problem with long distance running is that it’s usually pretty slow compared to your maximum effort. In fact we generally refer to running anything longer than a 5K as long SLOW distance running. Again, good some times but ALL the time, not so good. When we run LSD (Long Slow Distance) our muscles break down and we lose muscle mass. The activity is taxing but not in a way that builds new muscle and so we end up with less and less muscle mass the longer and more often that we run. That means we end up with relatively more body fat. Elite level marathoners tend to have extremely low muscle and body fat – but take a look further down the finishing order. Nothing against the accomplishment of running a Marathon but if you’re trying to lose body fat it’s not fast enough often enough (at least typical training).

Finally lets look at CrossFit and choosing weights. If you always go heavy you’ll always be moving slow. And you’ll start to get fat. It is relative to your maximum ability and you have to think about it on average over a week. At MTM we program heavy sometimes for specific reasons, usually because we’re trying to slow you down on purpose and get the intensity down. If we always programmed heavy and/or long you’d always be moving slow and you’d miss the important fat burning effects of high intensity.

Bottom line: Most of the time you should move as fast as possible with good form. Be wise when choosing weights and don’t always push for heavier.

10 Wallballs (20/14)
15 Push Ups
-Rest 1 Min-

10 Pull Ups
15 Sit Ups
-Rest 1 Min-

10 Burpees
15 KBS (1.5/1p)
- Rest 1 Min-

Max Power Cleans (135/95)(A Weight you could do unbroken for at least a set of 10)
-Rest 1 Min-

Oly Wk12/D2
1RM Clean Pull, Squat Clean, Split Jerk – Work to a Heavy Single, then – 2×2 at 85% of that weight.
2RM Power Snatch
3×12 Bicep Curl (Dude, heavy)
3×10 KB Flags

22 Sep 2014

Sept 22 2014

Welcome to a brand new week!

Over the past month we’ve added almost a dozen new members to MTM! Make sure to say hi to them and make them feel welcome!

3RM Front Squat
“Open 14.1″
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches (75/55)


Oly Wk12/D1
This is the last week of the Oly Program’s first cycle. Lift heavy and hard this week, we’ll de-load next week and test 1RMs the week after. Be ready for some massive PRs!

Back Squat
1×5 50%
1×3 60%
1×2 70%
1×1 75%
1×1 80%
1×1 90% MAX Reps (More than 3)

1RM Split Jerk
5×3 Snatch Pull (110%)
5×3 Snatch Balance (80%)

19 Sep 2014

Sept 19 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come get the best workout in North Canton for FREE!

Teams of 2

30 Shoulder Touches
400m Medball Run (20/14)
30 OH Walking Lunges

10 Rounds

Olyh Wk11/D5
5RM Back Squat
1RM Snatch
1RM Clean & Jerk

18 Sep 2014

Sept 18 2014

Free Class Saturday! Come see what CrossFit is all about!

1RM Snatch

Muscle Ups
Squat Snatches (135/95)

**Sub for Muscle Ups will be 3x Pull-ups and Dips**

Oly Wk1/D4
1,1,5×3 Strict Press (70,77.5,82.5%)
4×6 Hip Extension (Heavier than last week)
6×4 Pendlay Rows (Heavier than last week)
5×5 Pull Ups (W)

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