Dec 13 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 13 2012

Dec 13 2012

Before anything else I’ve got to take a moment to recognize Ryan for his C&J PR last weekend. Despite FB and txt messages I’ve consistently forgot to mention that Ryan hit a 195lb PR Clean & Jerk at our Team Competition with CrossFit Utility. Nice work!

Some additional impressive goings on: Rhea hit a consecutive rx’d pull-up PR on Monday. Mark got butterfly pull-ups and then taught them to Burke, who promptly beat him on Cindy.

Finally, Chris W got his first Muscle-Up last night! (allegedly). Hopefully we’ll see some video soon of this awesome event!

2nd Annual MTM Christmas this Saturday – sign up at the gym or on FB. Ask around, it’s going to be good times.

Team WOD!
500m Row
30 Burpees (to Plate)
40 KBS (1.5p/1p)Lunge Steps
50 Lunge Steps
60 HR Push Ups
500′ Yoke Walk (Empty – 165lbs. 10 Down and Backs)

There will be 3 Teams. Each team will start the first person rowing. When they finish they move on to HSPU and person #2 starts rowing. As soon as the station ahead is clear the next person can start on that station. If your teammate is still doing yoke walks or KBS you must wait until they are done move into that station.

Open Gym – 7, 6:30, 7:30
Power Snatch 7×2 – 80% – PERFECT FEET

Accumulate 5 Min of:
Hand Stand Hold
L-Sit Hold

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