Dec 14 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 14 2012

Dec 14 2012

Another awesome week is almost in the books. It’s a busy time for everyone with Christmas right around the corner which makes showing up at the gym even more important. There is NO excuse to miss in these final weeks of the year. We’ll have a complete holiday schedule up on Monday.

CrossFit takes an hour, one hour, to come in and get fit. Don’t dig yourself into a hole and wait till next year to pull yourself back into shape!

MTM Christmas Party – Saturday at 7PM – Rumor is there are going to be some SWEET white elephant gifts!

1RM Snatch

Open Gym
High Bar Back Squat 1×5(80%)1×3(85%)3×2(90%) – % OF 1RM LOW BAR Backsquat (110% of 3RM Back Squat)
Bench Press – 3×5(75%) 2×5(85%) – of 3RM

I can hear it now: “Dude, JUST a Snatch?” Yes, we’ll be spending a pretty significant amount of time warming up, mobilizing, and prepping to lift. Then we’ll lift, setting awesome PRs and being impressive. Then if there’s time remaining you can work on skills, jump start your open gym, or just hang out and discuss how nice DMac is for not making you run despite the nice weather!

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