Dec 15 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 15 2013

Dec 15 2013

What an amazing start to our testing week! Tons of PRs on both the lift and the WOD due to your consistency and hard work. Keep them coming as we move through the week!

“Heartbreak Kid”
via CFNE
3 rounds of:
10 Front Squats (185, 135#)
20 C2B Pull Ups
50 Double Unders

**Side Note: The details I wrote to the comp work below are perhaps the best thing I have ever written on this website. While I didn’t need to execute on the promise at all this cycle, and thus you all did great, I thought it worth republishing for the humor.**

Comp Work
Warm Up With:
3 R – 15 Back Extentions, 15 Ghds

10 OTM
3 Power Cleans (AHAP)
6 T2B

A quick note about form and technique. If you are following the Comp Work now you should be doing so to get ready for The Open – you MUST MUST MUST go light enough to drill FORM on the Oly Weights. Listen very closely: I don’t give a shit that you can power clean 255 with your weight on your toes, elbows behind the bar, back rounded, and feet a mess. If I see you doing comp work with ANYTHING other than PERFECT technique you will get burpee penalties. This work is meant to be non-destroying practice over the next several weeks. It is not volume. We are not doing this work cause gee-golly shouldn’t I just lift some more heavy weights. NO. We are doing this to drill technique and position so that when you are blurry-eyed and gassed during The Open your reptilian-brain reverts back to the only thing it knows in that moment before you pass out – awesome, efficient, effective, form and technique so you get just one more rep.

If you need it any clearer please see me and bring your own 2×4 for me to hit you upside the head with. #compassion


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