Dec 18 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 18 2012

Dec 18 2012

Tough WOD yesterday, great work by everyone who came in and gave it their all. We introduced a new program where we’ll be focusing on one basic movement and drilling it in different ways – The first cycle is Squats. Every couple of days we’ll be working or reworking another drill. Some will be easy, some will be really hard. If it’s hard spend some extra time on it before or after the WOD because it’s the thing that you need to improve on most.

From now on: If you arrive during the CrossFit Kids Class at 4:30pm please USE THE 2ND DOOR so that you’re not walking through the active Kids Class.

“Angie – Rounded”
4 Rounds
25 Pull Ups
25 Push Ups
25 Sit Ups
25 Air Squats
-Rest 2 Min between rounds-

Open Gym – 7A, 6:30P, 7:30P
Push Press 1×5(80)1×3(90)1×2(95)1×2(100)
Double Unders – 3×100 For Time

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