Dec 24 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 24 2012

Dec 24 2012

7AM ONLY Today – Closed Tuesday – Classes resume 4:30pm on Wednesday

There are still a few spots for January Beginner’s Classes starting Monday Jan 7th – Reserve your spot today!

Over the next two weeks we’ll be changing some things around with regard to Goals, Tracks, Training, Skill Sessions and Nutrition. Continuing the natural evolution of our program.

Teams of 4

– 200 Double Unders (once)
Rounds of DT
(12 Deadlifts/9 HPClean/6 Push Jerk – 135/95 – 2 Bars per Team)

– 200 Burpees (once)
Rounds of Cindy
(5 Pull Ups/10 Push Ups/15 Air Squats)

– 4min HS HOLD
(150 WallBalls)

This WOD is not as confusing as it looks. You’ll do 3 10 Min AMRAPS, 30 min total, no rest between AMRAPS. Teams of 4. To start each AMRAP all 4 athletes will complete a team total of Double Unders, Burpees, and HS Hold. Then 2 people working at a time will complete as much of the remaining work as possible. On Rounds of DT and Cindy athletes switch after each round is complete. On the Karen it’s go till you want to stop. Scores at the end will be Team Rounds of DT, Rounds of Cindy, and total WallBalls. If we have a big class we’ll all start at different places.

Just enough to settle you into a long winters nap (till 4:30p Wednesday).

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