Dec 28 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 28 2012

Dec 28 2012

FREE Class tomorrow at 11AM – next round of beginner’s classes starts Jan 7th at 7AM or 6:30PM

Recently I’ve had a lot of people asking about longer WODs. Aside from the general time, space, and equipment constraints that make long WODs hard to execute there is a very specific reason we rarely go longer than 15 min.

Rudy Neilsen, who runs The Outlaw Way, had 14 Athletes go to the 2012 CrossFit Games (More than 10% of the total field) by following his FREE programming. Here is what Rudy say about MET-Con Length (sorry for the vulgarity, it’s his style):

I know you all love Murph, but you won’t see it here. In fact, if you see anything over 12 minutes, I screwed up. Why?

As I’ve heard Coach say a million times – “All positive adaptations come through intensity”. Intensity is incredibly hard to maintain past 8 minutes, much less out past 12. Also, and this is even more important to me, anything past 12 minutes tends to lend itself to a fuckload of reps. A fuckload of reps means one thing – you get sore and your body breaks down (I guess that’s 2 things, and you’re all coaches – you don’t need me to break down the science). When you start to break down, we stop making positive gains and start to lose the strength gains we’ve already made. Not to mention, general muscular fatigue/soreness detracts from your ability to perform high level movements, and that is a great deal of what the program is based upon.

In CrossFit we don’t do long workouts for 3 very specific reasons:
A. They are relatively less intense
B. They Make us Weak
C. They tend to have lots of reps that breakdown our muscles and thus form and lead to excessive soreness and injury

That said we’re moving into a more met-con phase of our programming and WODs will seem longer over the next several months. So how do we square up these two opposing things? Intervals and Highly complex loads. Monday and Today we did long team WODs. Team WODs are great because they’re fun but also they create built in rest periods. A 20 min team WOD split between 2 people is a working time of just 10 min. Each interval of reps can be fast, intense, and keep good form and positioning. The 2nd way is high skill WODs like yesterdays: 29 reps isn’t a lot but Squat Snatches are very demanding which pushed the WOD time out without the high-reps and corresponding breakdown of form.

Think you need longer WODs to get “in-shape”? Think again. Better yet, talk to some of the runners at the gym. How many have PR’d 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons by decreasing their workouts and upping the intensity? Just about all of them – and while losing body-fat. Stalled out on progress? Nutrition is the answer, not more training with longer WODs, which we’ll talk about tomorrow.

Teams of 3
Rope Climbs
Walking Lunges
GHD Sit Ups (WB Sit Ups)
Toe 2 Bar

Open Gym – 7AM, 4:30PM, 6:30PM
3x ME KB Snatch
Turkish Get Up Practice.

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