Dec 31 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 31 2013

Dec 31 2013

Class at 5:45, 7, 9:30, and 11 ONLY today. Closed tomorrow.

As the year draws to a close take some time to look back and think about the positive things you’ve done this year. Maybe you got a new job, got married, started CrossFit, improved your diet, finally took that trip – whatever the things you’ve done this year TODAY is the perfect time to remember those accomplishments. All too often we get caught up in the day-to-day grind and we miss out on appreciating how far we’ve come. We get so caught up in front squatting “only” so much weight, being able to do “only” a couple rx’d pull ups, or “only” losing so much weight that we forget that these accomplishments are EXTRAORDINARY in this day and age.

While most people are lost in a sea of infomercials promising worthless quick fixes you’ve actually gotten off your ass and made change this year. Tomorrow I’ll worry about what I want to do in the next year but today, on the last day of the year, I like to look back and appreciate my accomplishments both inside and outside of the gym. I pick a couple from each segment of gym, home, professional, etc. that I’m most proud of and reflect on them. Tomorrow I’ll look at things I want to improve next year and make goals to do so.

Fill in the blank for yourself: This past year I __________________________

This past year I switched from Low Bar to High Bar Back Squatting and put 75lbs on my HBBS PR from 275 to 350lbs (My Front Squat also went up 60lbs).

250m Row (Counts as 25 pts)
10 Hang Squat Clean Thruster (95/65)

-Rest 4 Min-

30 Double Unders
15 Wall Balls (20/14)

-Rest 4 Min-

10 Pull Ups
10 Front Rack Lunge Steps (95/65)
10 KettleBell Swings

Comp Work
Set a heavy single Power Clean & Jerk – Do whichever Jerk you’re less comfortable with regardless of the weight.

Then 1 C&J every 45 Sec at 80% of the heavy single for a total of 15 reps.

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