Dec 4 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 4 2012

Dec 4 2012

Nice work yesterday!

From “The Truth” by Jon Gilson, Level 1 Cert Staff, Owner of Again Faster.

4.) Mental focus is more critical to training success than physical ability.

We are limited by our bodies, but our true limitations exist in the mind. Flat-out lying to an athlete about weight on the bar will often get them to lift a personal best, absence any organic change in the body. I attribute this phenomenon to the power of belief. “Knowing” that you can do something will instantly bring you closer to doing it. Combine an ardent belief with months of training, and you have a recipe for excellence.

On the flip side, God-given ability is easily negated by a poor outlook. I’ve seen otherwise-talented sandbaggers spend a lot of time claiming inability, giving them a ready-made hedge against failure. These folks fail a lot, and they remain in the realm of the novice athlete for years.

7 Thrusters (105/75)
14 Box Jumps
21 Pull Ups

Open Gym
Push Press – 1×8(75)1×5(80)1×5(85)1×3(90)1×3(95) – Of 3RM

Snatch Deadlift – 5×2
Toe 2 Bar – 5×10 Unbroken – If you can’t hit 10 unbroken switch to K2E.

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