Dec 7th 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 7th 2012

Dec 7th 2012

Welcome to the (almost) end of a long and difficult week! We’ve seen some pretty amazing things this week and a lot of you are probably asking “why am I so sore?” The answer is because we’ve started to adjust our training to be longer with more of a met-con (metabolic conditioning) focus in preparation for The CrossFit Games Open starting March 6th. We’ve just finished up our strength wave and while we’ll still be doing our squat program and lifting heavy from time to time our WODs will be getting a little longer/lighter/higher-rep than they have been. So, why so sore? Because whenever we change something or do something we haven’t done for a long time we get sore…sometime really sore.

What’s the best way to recover from soreness?
– Don’t skip WODs. (period). Come in, stretch out, and get moving. Sitting on the coach eating because you’re sore is the worst thing you can do for your soreness and waistline. Now don’t get too excited there is a fine line between pushing through soreness and flat-out over-training. We need rest days to recover…just not 5 in a row because Monday’s WOD made my quads sore.
– Diet. The biggest mistake I see people make is putting their cheat meals on a rest day. It seems to make sense: I’m not WODding so there’s no way I’ll throw-up this Oreo McFlurry. But that dairy/sugar/high fructose awesomeness will hamper your recovery by causing inflammation and prolonging your soreness. Stick to Paleo (you are eating paleo right?) and when you do eat do it after a WOD on something with protein (like fried chicken or sushi).
– Myofascial Release. Foam Rolling, Quad Smashing, and the like are great ways to release scar tissue from your muscles. We’ve got Foam Rollers, Stick Rollers, Barbells, Lacrosse Balls, and Bands at the gym ready to be used.
– Ice Baths. 50 Degrees for 10-15 min is all you need. If you get a lot of ice you can start the bath warm, get in and then use the ice to cool it down…or just man up and jump in like fitness lonnie (

If you’re competing tomorrow you should focus on the above and come in, stretch out, maybe row a little, and review the WODs. MTM v. Utility WODs. For Saturday please arrive at Utility by 9:40 to fill out waivers and warm up. Think of an AWESOME team name. Some of us will be leaving MTM at 9:15AM. WODs start promptly at 10:15AM.

Teams of 4
1K Row (250m Each)
400′ Bearcrawl (2 Full Down and Backs per member)
800′ Waiter’s Walk (4 Down and Back – 1.5/1p)
1200′ Farmers Carry (6 Down and Backs – 1.5/1p)

– 1 Working at a time
– Must complete the FULL distance before switching

Open Gym
3RM Bench Press

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