Dec 8 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 8 2014

Dec 8 2014

Welcome to a brand new week! We’ve got lots and lots doing on over the next several weeks. Keep tuned into the website and the Facebook page to make sure you’re in the loop! (Not in the super secret MTM CrossFit secret group? Shoot Dmac a message and we’ll teach you the secret handshake).

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Up Coming Events
Sat Dec 13th – 7:00pm – MTM Holiday Party! Details at the gym!
Sat Dec 20th – 9:00AM – In-house Oly Lifting Meet – Come do a for fun only Olympic Lifting Meet at MTM!

MTM Oly Meet DetailsSign Up Here!

What: Come test out your Oly Lifting in a casual meet setting, MTM athletes only, scores will be done as a percentage of bodyweight so playing field is even.
How: Sign Up above. At the meet you’ll have 3 attempts to Snatch and Clean&Jerk. You’ll declare a starting weight to open with and then either retry that weight or go up in weight from there. After all of the Snatching is done we’ll move on to Clean & Jerks.
Why: For fun and to test out how much you can lift at the end of the year!

– What are the rules? We’re going to be super relaxed about lifts. Starts on the ground, finishes overhead, and looks like the lift you’re trying to make, then it’s good. Nothing from the Hang but Power Snatches and Cleans are ok.
– What if I don’t know my maxes? Just make your best guess on the entry form.
– What if I lift a world record? Unfortunately it will be unofficial.
– What are the prizes? Winner of each lift (Male and Female) take home $2.7M. Overall winner receives their very own Rich Froning or Camille – your choice.
– Do I have to lift in a singlet? No.
– Can I? Yes.
– What’s a singlet? Don’t worry about it.
– My lifting program won’t be ready for me to max for another cycle or two, can we reschedule the entire event? Seriously dude, We’re just lifting for fun!

3RM Front Squat
“Open 11.3”
Squat Clean & Jerk <165/105)

Oly Wk 5/D1
5×4 Back Squat 77.5% – 120s Rest
10×2 Hi Hang Snatch (Work up to AHAP)
10×2 Hi Hang Power Clean & Push Jerk (Work Up to AHAP)

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