Dec 9 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Dec 9 2013

Dec 9 2013

Welcome to a brand new week!

2013 Holiday Schedule:
– The week of Christmas (23rd to 27th) we’ll be running an Open Gym only style from 9A to 12N. We’ll have a WOD posted for each day and a coach at the gym but you’re responsible for warming up and starting the WOD – The clock will simply be running.
– MTM will be closed December 25th and December 31st
– We’ll have a special WOD on January 1st – details to follow.

MTM Christmas Party This years holiday party is being pushed back a week to the 28th, sorry for the inconvenience but my family scheduled an out-of-state Christmas after the initial announcement. We’ll have the party at the gym but we’ll be catering food, bringing in tables, etc. I’ll have a signup soon and additional details.

High Bar Back Squat
4×5 70% (of 1RM or 3RM + 20lbs)
While the purpose of this is to deload for the week we need to have a bit of an honest conversation, come close, are you listening? Many of you hit a perfect bottom position during the warmup, during the barbell squats, during the 1+1/4 Goblet squats and then YOU COMPLETELY CHEAT DEPTH when it counts on the weighted squat. Consider today your opportunity to start correcting this. We train the HBBS because of its transferibility to catching Olympic Lifts – which you sometimes catch Ass-to-Grass LOW. So each of these squats today MUST be done with absolute depth, down to the very very very bottom, “bouncing” out of the bottom to utilize the stretch shortening cycle, or they won’t count. And your teammates working on the same bar will call you out on it, or get burpees.

Hang Power Clean (95/65)
Burpee (Lateral over bar)

Comp Work
4×4 BTN Push Press
4×4 Pendlay Row

10m Alt OTM
8 T2B
30 DU

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