Feb 10 2012 - MTM CrossFit

Feb 10 2012

Feb 10 2012

Today’s WOD finishes up the series of last years CrossFit Games Open WODs for this week. Monday, Wednessday and Friday have all been 2011 Open WODs. I hope to have a short video and Open explaination/logistics video up on Facebook and here later today or Saturday. If you’d rather skip to the meat and potatoes of that post: You should compete in the Open.

This weekend I’ll be simulating the 2011 Regionals. Any experienced CrossFitter is welcome to join me in any/all WODs.
– WOD 1 – Run/HSPU/Row – 9AM
– WOD 2 – Thruster Ladder – 1PM
– WOD 3 – Deadlift/Box Jump – 7:30AM
– WOD 4 – The 100s – 2PM
– WOD 5 – Amanda – 9AM
– WOD 6 – The Chipper – 1PM

Open WOD11.6

Thrusters (100/65)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups

In this WOD each round is 3 more reps than the round before it for 7 total minutes.

Compare to Sept 21 2011

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