Feb 11 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 11 2014

Feb 11 2014

Friday Night Lights starts this Friday at 7:30p! Come get an hour and a half of at least 4 workouts, Skill work, agility work, team work and fun to start your weekend off right! We’ll set up individual and partner workouts that test your strength, stamina, and determination. $10/person and anyone, regardless of experience, can come and give it a shot!

Rest Theory
If you’re anything like me when I started CrossFit you probably don’t give too much thought to how you rest between reps in a WOD – I used to just be trying not to die! Then a few years back I saw a video (that I can’t find now) and my world pretty much changed over night:

– Pace your rest with breathing – The first time you rest take 2 long slow deliberate breaths and get back on the bar. After a little while in a WOD up that to 3 or 4 breaths. It makes perfect sense when you think about it: You’re resting because your lungs or muscles need oxygen. Give them the most possible while slowing your heart rate, creating a sense of calm, AND making your rest periods predictable. it takes me about 8s to take 2 deep breaths. This gives my rest periods predictability and purpose instead of gasping for air and waiting till I “feel” ready which is usually 15s or more.

– Stand Still – The opposite of resting is moving, so why are you pacing around? I used to do this because the best guy at the first gym I was at did this. No, it wasn’t what made him good, in fact it probably made him worse, but CrossFit back in the late 2000s was the wild west compared to now and we didn’t know any better. At best pacing around wastes energy at worst it leaves you 20ft away from your equipment when you finally feel ready to go again and that wastes time!

– Keep a positive mental game – Think about what you are going to do next and tell yourself you can. “I will do a set of 10” “I can finish this set” “I can keep going” are all effective things to keep in your head and actively say to yourself. Get rid of the “Oh God I can’t believe that was so bad and I have so many more to go” mentality.

Tabata Turkish Get Ups

2 Min Max Reps – 1 Min Rest between stations

Wall Climbs
Row (Cals)
Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
Barbell Box Step Ups (45/15 – Front Rack)
Strict Pull Ups

Comp Work
5 Rounds

30 Double Unders
10 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)

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