Feb 12 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 12 2014

Feb 12 2014

A quick congrats to a couple of MTM Athletes to start the day off: Nicole made districts in swimming as a Glen Oak sophomore, her swimming schedule has kept her from CrossFit recently but she was a staple over the summer and fall working to get stronger and more explosive, way to go! And to Amy who on Monday quietly back squatted a 60lb PR! Amy’s just recently become comfortable with putting weight on the bar and has made huge jumps in just about every lift, keep it up!

30 Off/30 Back – Do you know someone who has taken a month or more off CrossFit? Bring them back and enjoy 30% off your next monthly membership, they get 30% back as well! Spring is just around the corner, time to step it up!

Death By:

Squat Snatch (135/95)

– To 10 Min –

Pull Ups

Add 1 Squat Snatch each min till you can’t complete all the reps in the minute. 10min is the cap. At 10 Min start the second part

Comp Work
Karen – 150 Wallballs

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