Feb 16 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 16 2013

Feb 16 2013

Free Class 11AM TODAY – no experience needed – take the first steps to making 2013 your fittest year ever!

“Community” is a dangerous word. Why? Because it’s become trendy and fashionable. How much so? Look here:
Build Community at McDonald’s
– or –
Waste Management’s Community Page
That’s right, help build a strong and vibrant community while spreading obesity or picking up trash.

I’m not knocking these two companies or the people that work for them (in fact trash collectors are extremely important to society). However if picking up trash and flipping burgers now creates a WONDERFUL community we can see how this word has become troublesome.

CrossFit builds community by its very nature. This past week was hard, very hard, we had two 30+ min WODs which is unheard of at MTM. What did we see? Athletes picking each other up all over the place.














In each of these photos non-working athletes are cheering someone who is still working: community.

Here’s the important part you don’t get from the pictures – these events happened organically. I didn’t tell Ang and Jillian to help pull Abby through “Isabel”, Mary Ellen naturally cheered for Michelle as she did her HSPUs, Mario picked a heavy weight that he knew would be a challenge and Andy and Jared were right there pushing him through after they had finished. Chris W asked to do Grace with the beginner’s class AFTER doing “Isabel” to suffer through WITH them.

The ORGANIC nature of these actions is the MOST important part. Some gyms, even CrossFit gyms, force false community the same way that McDonald’s and WM are trying to force community on their employees.

Real Community cannot be mandated on the whiteboard and reinforced with a Burpee penalty.

It must be displayed in the actions of the CrossFit gym and the athletes inside the box. It means reaching out and being a part of the larger CrossFit Community through participating in events, doing The CrossFit Open, getting rid of Drop-In fees for a single time visit, not punishing bad behavior with Burpee penalties, encouraging your athletes to visit other gyms, and dozens of other actions that used to be the NORM at EVERY CrossFit Gym.

Somehow, somewhere, some affiliate owners have lost sight of that. They need big flashy community TODAY, NOW, immediately, so they can grow FAST and pocked big $$$$. But we know at MTM that the relationships we build are through the day-in and day-out blood, sweat, and tears we share that bond us together. That’s true community.

CrossFit Utility Throwdown WOD 1
6 Front Squats (155/105)
12 HR Push Ups
24 Double Unders

Afterwards come cheer your fellow MTM’ers as we compete with others from this AMAZING NEO CrossFit Community.

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