Feb 17 2016 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 17 2016

Feb 17 2016

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

A quick FAQ about the MTM Intramural Open

How Much? – Free
When are the Open Events? – Friday’s at 6:30pm
Do I sign Up with HQ? – You don’t have to.
What if I’m going to miss one? – You’ll have from Thursday night when the Open WOD is announced till the following Wednesday to perform the workout and receive at least 1/2pt for your team.
Seems like a lot of Math Dmac, Do I have to track that? – No, I got you.

Bottom line: The Open WOD is announced Thursday Night. As a gym we’ll be programming it for Fridays WOD at all of the normal class times. If you normally WOD on Fridays you might as well sign up. at 6:30pm Friday night we’ll have our official Friday Night Lights event – similar to Saturdays in the past we’ll have a large group, judging, cheering, and awesome workouts! Do the WOD and help earn points for your team.

Muscle Ups
– Rest 1 Min –
Squat Snatches (165/105)(Moderately Heavy)

**I’ve heard it a few times “I don’t like muscle up workouts bc I have to scale so I don’t come in”. Don’t let this be you. We’ve got a half dozen ways to scale and each has its own purpose, so if you don’t usually feel like you’re getting much lets scale it differently today. Also, how can you get better at something from never doing it?

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