Feb 22 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 22 2013

Feb 22 2013

Another very tough week is almost behind us. As we get closer and closer to the competition season we’ve done more and more met-cons (long breather WODs with higher reps) to get ready for The Open. These WODs are great for everyone because they get us into fantastic shape as they’re the really the backbone of CrossFit. HOWEVER, the more met-con-y the programming the more risk we have for over training. If you’re perpetually sore, wanting to eat all the time, tired, and just generally blah – congrats(!) you’re over training.

Resting and recovery is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF CROSSFIT. It’s also the hardest thing. It’s easy to show up for a WOD, easy to take a run, easy to do more and more and more. It’s hard to sit around all day, eat right, and skip a daily routine that’s become so much a part of your life.

Solution: Don’t skip it. Come into the gym, an Open Gym, and do a light recovery row – mobilize – foam roll – work Oly technique with a PVC and a coach – Just don’t pound yourself into the ground with another beat-down-of-a-20-min-AMRAP.

BOOM. Knowledge.

The Open at MTM CrossFit.

NOT FOR TIME – Skills Session

20 Turkish Get Ups (10 Each Arm)
10 Muscle Ups (20 progressions)
20 Pommel Horse Circles
Max Distance Plate Jump (Standing)
100 Double Unders (For Time)
-Anything else you want to work on-

In no particular order do all the above.

Open Gym – 7A, 4:30P, 6:30P
High Bar Back Squat – 5×3 (95%) – of 3RM

10 OTM
2 KB Clean
3 KB Front Squat
1 Double KB Snatch

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