Feb 24 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 24 2014

Feb 24 2014

Beginner’s Classes start March 3rd at 7A or 5:30P Sign Up Today to reserve your spot —>

The CrossFit Open starts this weekend. For the next 5 weeks the workouts will be announced Thursday night, as a gym we’ll do them Friday, and our officially signed up competitors will do them Saturday morning at 9AM. If you’re on the fence about doing The Open here are a couple things to consider:

– Open workouts must be completed RX’d. Sometimes this is good because it pushes us to use 95lbs instead of 85 or finally forces us to get off that purple band. Sometimes we get a little extra push from the energy in the gym to get that first muscle up or string a set of double unders together. In both cases though we have to be relatively close. If you’re on a black band the chances of moving all the way to RX’d pullups by the end of the week are not very high, probably best to wait a year.

– You will get a chance to do Open WODs regardless of signing up. As a gym we’ll program the WODs on Friday (Thursday will become partner day). If you’re unsure or you just don’t want to spend the $20 then just come in on Fridays, do the WOD, and go online and see where you would’ve placed.

– If you really could do The Open but you know you won’t make Regionals – then you should sign up and do it. “I won’t move on” “I won’t be the best at our gym” and the like are not good enough reasons. Sign up, see where you are in a judged competition environment, and use that information to get better.

5×3 HBBS at about 80% – go up on the last sets if you feel good, no misses.

Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20″)
15-12-9 (buy in):
Hang Power Snatch (115, 80#)
Toes to Bar

Workout starts with 3 rounds for time,
remaining time is used for max reps burpee box jumps.
Post Two Scores.

(1) Time for the 15-12-9
(2) Total number of Burpee Box Jumps

Comp Work
10 Min Double Under Practice
10 Min dedicated mobility work

For the next 5 weeks you’ll see a couple things going on with the Comp Work. First the volume will be rather low. This is designed for athletes who are tackling The Open. If you’re not doing The Open and want to work on something specifically please come talk to me and we’ll put a plan together for you.

The main focus of this next cycle will be squatting and skill work. We’ll be squatting once a week in the group WODs and we’ll be squatting on Wednesdays in the Comp work. These will be alternating Back and Front squat (Back today in group WODs so Wednesday comp will be Front then next Monday will be Front so next Wednesday will be Back etc).

The comp work will also start to have skill driven movements – and yes that means Olympic lifts. These however will be at moderate weights for multiple reps. You’ll see less and less metcon in the Comp Work but worry not, the group WODs will be pretty gassing from here on out.

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