Feb 26 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 26 2013

Feb 26 2013

Yesterday was a prime example of making things work at the modern day CrossFit gym. The website said “Jackie” we did “Heavy Fran”. Why? Contrary to popular belief that, I was not trying to trick people into coming in. It was hubris on my part to think that we’d be able to get everyone through “Jackie” in the time we had in class. As the 5:45A Class was half way through their squatting I realized that was the case and made a change to the WOD. Everyone did the same workout, several of you crushed it, and some people even did their first RX’d C2B Pull Ups!

Choosing Smart
Yesterday I heard this story:

An MTM athlete bumped into an old acquaintance who’s been training CrossFit at a non-CrossFit facility. After asking our athlete if she was ready for The Open this guy said “I’ve been going 31 days straight!”


When I opened MTM, actually well before, I was focused on doing things SMARTER. CrossFit is smarter than traditional functional fitness. It’s smarter than the elliptical. Just the simple act of doing a CrossFit workout is smarter than doing any other type of workout.

We take things one step further that MTM CrossFit – you guys are already making the smart workout choice, now we have to continue to make smart choices about how we do CrossFit.

This brings me to the topic of this post: Choosing Smart.

It’s actually very easy to do another Burpee/Wallball/KBS/PU/PS/AS/etc WOD. Do several a day. It’s pretty easy to keep doing the WRONG type of work. The type that beats us down and quietly keeps us from improving.

Instead we need to choose the RIGHT things to do with our time.

Rarely is that doing more work. Throwing WODs at a problem is almost never the solution. It only works if you’re doing 2 days a week and you should be doing 4 or 5 days.

Choosing the right things can be much more difficult to do.

How’s your diet? Have you been keeping up with the nutritional challenge? Or was it just ‘too hard’ to weigh and measure and record your food?

How’s your mobility? Do you spend time everyday working on your tight shoulders? Your shoulders work NON-STOP to get tight, they don’t take a day off – neither should you. Now how about your hips? It’s work (just like weighing and measuring) but it’s not working out.

Here’s the key: When we choose smarter, when we make the RIGHT choices even if they are harder to do, we get much better much faster!

Choose Smarter.

10 Double Unders
1 Sq Snatch (135/95)
20 DU
2 Sq Snatches
30 DU
3 Sq Snatches
…+10 DU
…+ 1 Sq Snatch

-then immediately-

Add 10 DU and 1 Snatch each round till 12 min passes then immediately do burpees for 3 min.

Open Gym – 6:30P
6 Rounds
30s on/ 90s off

Shoulder Press – 3×5

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