Feb 27 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 27 2013

Feb 27 2013

A couple quick things:

Free Class Saturday at 11AM

Beginner’s Classes start Monday March 4th – 7A or 6:30P

Judges Course – The online judges course is NOT mandatory to judge during The Open. However, it is a great thing to complete and will help clarify movement standards whether or not you are competing. The cost is $10 and MTM will reimburse you when you pass (just Facebook me a pic of the certificate).

If you are thinking of Judging at Regionals you MUST pass the Judges Course -AND- hold a CrossFit L1 Certificate. I’ve done it twice and it’s exhausting but highly rewarding.

WODs during The Open – I want to clarify how MTM’s programming will change a bit during The Open: We’ve been spending a lot of time on the barbell, moving weight, in longer WODs – often in intervals – really taxing our athletes. This has been on purpose and was planned months ago.

You can really see the affect on class attendance through out the week: Monday is packed and by Friday, the fun partner WOD, attendance is roughly 75% of what it was on Monday because the week was exhausting.

As The Open starts we’ll be shifting away from that rigorous training schedule to a program with more bodyweight, simple, fun WODs. They’ll still be gassing, we’ll still go long and short, light and heavy, it’ll just change up a bit.

For starters we’ll start to use lifts and movements that we haven’t seen regularly. You will still get a great workout and you’ll be ready for the summer season! (speaking of which, how’s your diet been?)

Rest cycle for those competing
Jerry and I were discussing this and I think a good one looks like this:
M – WOD pushing hard
T – Rest
W – WOD hard
R – Come in and either WOD or Practice depending on The Open WOD announced
F – Come in and mobilize, light rowing, technique practice, etc.
S – Open WOD
S – Rest

1RM Power Clean

Row 5 Min for Max Distance

Open Gym – 7A, 4:30P, 6:30P
3RM Axle Deadlift – Straight Grip

Make Up, Mobilize, Practice

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