Feb 3 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 3 2015

Feb 3 2015

Awesome work by everyone who came in to work off those Super Bowl cheat meals! This week is going to be COLD so there’s really no better place to warm up than the gym, see you there!

Gym Etiquette
Most classes are getting pretty full these days, especially the evening, so we’re asking that everyone pay a little more attention to some general gym etiquette:

– If you come in and need to change your clothes please make sure you don’t disturb the WOD, including that your shoes are dry.
– Please put all your items away neatly hung up, stored in cubbies, or organized against a wall in the entry area (we’re working on a better solution for this area soon).
– Please WAIT in the entry area till your class is started – we warm up and work on everything you need to work on during each class time – so restrain from pulling a rower down, grabbing a band, jumping rope, foam rolling, etc. Yes, this will seem like a pretty big change at first but it is needed as we grow. What is currently one foam roller and a rower will soon be 5 of each and disrupt a packed WOD.
– Put all equipment away in its proper place.
– If you finish early cheer on the rest of the group that is still WODDING.

3 Rounds – 1Min AMRAPs – FGB Style
Box Jumps
Hang Squat Cleans (95/65)
Row (Cals)
– Rest 1 Min Between Rounds –

Oly Wk5/D2
3-p Snatch (Hip, Hang, Floor) for Max Weight.

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