Feb 6 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 6 2014

Feb 6 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – Come see what it’s all about, bring a friend, and start your weekend right!

Here’s my deal: I CrossFit. I don’t whine about the workout.
I go hard, I go safe, I turn the clock on.
I LOVE hearing “3-2-1-Go!”
I’m going to do the Hero workouts and the Girl workouts — and I’m going to scale all to what I can do hard, safe, and effectively.
I’m going to do other workouts too.
I’m not going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and hide from this world. I will not accept your preconceived notions about what I “should” do. I know who I am. Do you?
I have no fear as long as my brain is engaged.
I’m going to listen to Greg Glassman and my trainer. They’ve brought me this far, not some random person on the internet.
The sky is not falling.
And if it is? I’ll overhead squat it, and raise it back up.
I’m not afraid of hard work.

– Lisbeth Darsh

(Lisbeth does all of CrossFit HQs media. Games site, FB, Twitter, etc. is all her).

Hydration is more essential than you think it is. Performance, recovery, mobility, mental acquity, and more are all significantly effected by hydration. Most people think of sweltering hot summer days when they think of hydration but narrows the window too much. Dry days (like any time that humidity is below 20% including most of winter), low sodium diets, drinking too much soda, diet pills, even being under-fed on protien can significantly decrease your hydration levels. Wonder why your mobility isn’t improving? Think about hydration. Sore after a workout? How was your hydration?

As a general rule we need 50% of our bodyweight in ounces of Water each day PLUS 116oz of water for every hour we workout. So on a normal day I need about 120oz of water which looks like this:Gallon_water

Think you might be low? More is better than less so grab a water!


1 Power Clean (185)
1 Muscle Up (C2B Pull Ups)
2 PC
2 MU

– Rest 2 Min –


250m Row
15 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)

– Rest 2 Min –


8 WB Sit Ups
8 Front Rack Lunge Steps

Comp Work
1RM Front Squat (15 Min)
1RM Split Jerk (15 Min)

Super Compensation – If you’re following the Comp Work diligently then you probably feel like a big bag of turds right now. You’ll do 8 condition pieces (wods) this week, maybe even 10 if you consistently come saturdays, and you just want it to end. It won’t, at least not yet. Supercompensation is a periodization theory that came out of cycling studies in the 90s by none other than Glenn Pendlay. Basically we increase training volume (in this case WODs) until we overload the system then we drop the bottom out so our bodies can recover. 14 days later we’re better off than we’ve ever been and crushing everything. That’s about it happen. This week, next week, and then we have a low volume testing week then the week of The Open – 2 weeks exactly from next Saturday.

So it’s not me it’s Science that says suck it up and put in the work – you’re supposed to feel beat down and tired right now.

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