Feb 7 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Feb 7 2013

Feb 7 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – Open to everyone, no experience needed – Come get some fitness and make 2013 your fittest year ever – 10AM is cancelled.

Come visit our booth at the Walsh Community Health Fair TODAY from 10AM-4PM in the Barrette Business & Community Center. We’ll be running some light contests throughout the day!

Awesome, awesome, job yesterday. Big and consistent PRs were set by everyone from brand new members to experienced and seasoned veterans of CrossFit!

Every day I hear:
“I don’t want to do rx’d pull ups”
“I don’t want to lose weight”
“I’m content with my current lack to progress”
“I’ve given up on getting better”

People say these things to me every day. Not directly of course, but they say them all the same. They usually sound like this:

“Yeah, I should [goal they want to accomplish] by [action they need to take] but [excuse they CHOOSE].”

“Yeah, I should work on my Pull Ups using the progressions you suggested during one of the FREE Open Gym times offered every day but I’m tired and want to sleep during those times.”

You control your position in CrossFit and in Life. You actively make choices. We all do. Every day. When you look at your progress in CrossFit be HONEST with yourself – did you really choose to get better at CrossFit?

Or did you choose: a cheat meal, a job, an un-needed rest day, to give up, to be content, your kids, your family, to be afraid?

Choosing any of these things is fine, some of them are even responsible. I choose these things over CrossFit all the time. But, I’m always honest and NEVER disappointed in my lack of progress when I choose something ahead of choosing to get closer to my CrossFit Goals.

And I’m never ok with choosing to be afraid. I do it sometimes. I don’t attempt a lift, I skip a WOD, I don’t take a step towards my goals because I’m afraid – I’m not OK with it and it eats at me.

What will you choose today?

20 Min AMRAP
8 Thrusters (95/65)
9 Lateral Burpees (Over Barbell)
10 Toe 2 Bar

Open Gym – 7A, 6:30P
Push Press – 5×3 – 90% of 3RM

Work one upper body weakness for 10 Min
Work one lower body weakness for 10 Min

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