Jan 11 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 11 2015

Jan 11 2015

Welcome to a Brand New Week!

It’s said that Strength is never a Weakness. In fact lean strength, that is lifting more weight at the same bodyweight, is essential to getting the most out of CrossFit.

It goes like this: The main benefit of CrossFit comes from the power output of each workout. Power, as a mathematical formula, consists of moving a weight a distance in a shorter time. The more weight we can move, in less time, the more EFFECTIVE each and every workout. This is why we lift in CrossFit. Not to get big but instead to produce more Power in WODs.

If you feel that your strength numbers are a little low, you can’t RX most workouts for example, consider taking the next 6 weeks to focus on building lean strength in our MTMStrong Program – Guaranteed strength in the major lifts.

3RM Deadlift
70 Pistols (Alternating)
50 WB Sit Ups
30 OHS (135/95)
10 WallClimbs

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