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Jan 13 2013

Jan 13 2013

2013 Nutritional Challenge Details

MTM Nutrition Challenge – Details and Rules
MTM Nutrition Tracking
MTM Nutrition Challenge Tracking Excel – If you want to do it all on your computer

Nutrition Challenge Details from the MTM Nutrition Challenge PDF above:

MTM CrossFit
Nutrition Challenge
Jan 12 – Mar 9

Goals of This Nutrition Challenge:
Nutrition, like CrossFit, is a continuous road – not a destination. As with any road there will be twists and turns, hills and valleys, easy bits and hard bits.

The goal of this challenge is to give you the tools and habits to make progress continually. To give you the ability to objectively look at what you’ve been doing, how it’s going, and what you can change to try and get a different result. Basically – Test and Re-Test a plan, make a change and repeat.

Most people start CrossFit trying to lose weight – Great Goal. But what about when you’ve lost that weight, what then? What if you want to get stronger, how do you eat then? What if you want to compete and do 3 WODs a day, how should you eat to maximize your performance? This challenge will give you the tools to control your nutrition life-long instead of just over the next month.

How this Challenge Works:
– Starts Monday Jan 14 2013
– End March 9 2013 – Yes, 8 Weeks

– Each Day use the Food Log to track what you’ve eaten – and how many points you’ve earned.
– Every 2 Weeks use the Evaluation Form to review your previous 2 weeks of progress.
– Plan a small change for the upcoming 2 weeks.
– Repeat the Track and Evaluate Process.

– Entry Cost is $50

000 – 500 Points: Forfeit Entry
500 – 750 Points: 50% Money Back
750 – 1000 Points: 100% Money Back
1000+ Points: 100% Money Back + T-shirt

Overall Point Winner: 1 Free Unlimited Month at MTM and 2 Personal Training Sessions for themselves and whoever they’d like to invite.

Body Comp Winner: T- Shirt and 1 Personal Training Sessions
WOD Performance % Improvement Winner: T- Shirt and 1 Personal Training Sessions

How to Work This Challenge:

1. Write out a Challenge Goal
2. Pick a Starting Point – Log it on the 2 Week Plan Page, the objective of the next two weeks
3. Plan out your meals, details, and everything to make you successful
4. Execute your plan – Record all of your food in the food log
5. Record your points
6. Evaluate your progress on the 2 Week Evaluation Page – Make plan for your next 2 weeks
7. Repeat from Step 2.

Paleo – Zone – and other things you could do in this challenge:
Again, the purpose of this challenge is to give you the tools to work your nutrition for your goals continually throughout your life. Most importantly we want to be aware of what we eat and take Honest Accountability for our food choices.

Zone is about food QUANTITY. Paleo is about food QUALITY. If you’re strict on Paleo your Quality of food is high, your quantity isn’t establish. If you’re strict on Zone it’s the other way around. If we plateau at either we need to take a hard honest look and implement some of the other methods. If I follow Paleo with no cheat meals a good first step to adding Zone is to simply weigh and measure all of your Paleo meals for 2 weeks – your objective would be to find out how much food you’re eating – while making no changes to the actual quantities you eat. After re-evaluate and make a new objective for the next 2 weeks, maybe eat Zone Quantities of the Paleo Foods you eat. You could do the opposite from the Zone side – cut out sugar, then grains, etc bringing you closer to Paleo.

Yes, there is a lot of choice. That’s on purpose. We’re all different. Some of us are eating for Fat loss, some are eating for maximum performance, some might also eat for weight gain. This challenge gives us the pattern of making a Challenge Goal, Writing a 2 week objective, Planning for that objective, Execute the plan, and evaluate both how closely you followed the plan AND if that plan moved you towards or away from the Challenge Goal.

Stay positive regardless of your 2 week results. If you stayed true to the 2 week objective you are doing the right thing. If you gain fat or your performance goes down – if you move AWAY from the Challenge Goal – now we know an objective that doesn’t work to push us towards our Challenge Goal. That is valuable information, not the end of the world. Make a tweak to your next 2 Week Objective and see how that works.

When you evaluate your previous 2 weeks it’s important to be Honest about how closely you followed your objective. If my objective was to eat 16 Zone Blocks a day (that’s 16 Blocks of Protein, 16 Blocks of Carbs, 16 Blocks of Fat) and I did that for only 3 of 14 days…I didn’t really follow the objective, I lost a lot of points for cheating, and I can’t Honestly say what eating 16 Zone Blocks does to me since I didn’t really do that.

The point system is designed to reward behavior that keeps you closer to your 2 Week Objective and some other healthy behaviors. You lose points for negative behaviors.

10 Pts – All Meals meet your plan. If everything you eat that day meets your 2 Week Objective.
8 Pts – WOD. You did a CrossFit WOD today.
8 Pts – Rest, non-cheat. Rest is important; you get the same number of points for a rest day as a WOD as long as your rest day meals meet your 2 Week Objectives.
5 Pts – Full Hydration. 50% of your Body Weight in Ounces of Water at least.
5 Pts – Sleep 8+ Hrs. Can include naps.

1 Pt – Daily Fish Oil, everyone should be taking fish oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
1 Pt – Post WOD Meal immediately after a WOD, a protein shake (Not a Cheat on Paleo).
1 Pt – Mobility. Find what you suck at and do a little work on it, everyday.
1 Pt – Perfect Day. If your Meals all meet your Objectives, you WOD, get full hydration, and full sleep you get a bonus point.

Cheat Meals:
A Cheat Meal is defined as a meal that doesn’t fit with your 2 Week Objective. If your objective is to eat Paleo and you have a piece of bread, some cheese, some milk in your coffee – you’ve cheated. If your objective was to eat Paleo + Dairy in your morning coffee – you haven’t cheated. It’s all about your 2 Week Objective. Keep in mind that if your 2 Week Objective doesn’t move you towards your Challenge Goal you’ll need to make a change to it, maybe cut out that Dairy, maybe weigh and measure your Paleo, etc.

Tips and Things to Tweak from one Objective to the Next:
– Eliminate Grains, Dairy, and Legumes. IE. Be more Paleo. All Carbs aren’t equal, some of them are inflammatory to our system. Of these, Gluten in Grains can stay in our system for up to 2 weeks. So any cheat meal puts you back 2 Weeks.
– Eat ½ of your Daily Carbs from veggies.
– If you’re trying to lose Fat cut your Carbs in Half. If you’re Zoning just cut the blocks in half. If you’re eating Paleo weigh and measure a day or two, figure out the carbs, and cut them. For most people trying to lose fat 50g – 100g of Carbs a day will do.
– Move 50% of your carbs to the meal you eat after your WOD. Not your protein shake but the meal. If you WOD at 5:45A eat half your Carbs with your Breakfast.
Trouble Shooting Zone:
– Your Block Prescription is Lean Body Mass * Activity Level / 7(Grams in 1 Block of Protein). If your LBM is 100lbs, you do 1 WOD a day and sit at a desk the rest you’d be… 100*.7/7=10 Blocks a Day
– 10 Blocks a day means: 10 Blocks of Protein, 10 Blocks of Carb, 10 Blocks of Fat.
– Tweaking the Zone is easy. If I want to cut my carbs in half I’d eat: 10 Blocks of Protein, 5 Blocks of Carb, 10 Blocks of Fat.
– Have some easy options around to add Carb and Fat if you need it. Apples, Grapes, Veggies to Steam, Almonds, etc.
– Prep meals in advance.

CrossFit Journal 21: http://www.crossfitcharlotte.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/cfjissue21_May04.pdf
Zone Quantities: http://www.zonediet.com/portals/0/resources/food_block_guide.pdf
Barry Sears on the Zone: Everything you’d ever want to know (8 Parts): http://journal.crossfit.com/2009/08/crossfit-nutrition-presentation.tpl

Zoning with the Chans (Confused about Zoning in Practice. Watch this entire series):
Eating for Performance – CF Competitor Course (5 Parts): http://journal.crossfit.com/search.php?IncludeBlogs=1&limit=20&search=Chan+Competitor+Course&x=0&y=0

CrossFit Journal Overall Paleo (Articles, Recepies, Videos, Etc): http://journal.crossfit.com/search.php?IncludeBlogs=1&limit=20&search=Paleo&x=0&y=0

Gary Taubes on Paleo (3 Parts): http://journal.crossfit.com/2011/12/garytaubesfull.tpl
Mark’s Daily Apple: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/#axzz2Ht1Tl0Lg

– We’ll have a Secret Nutrition group on Facebook.
– Ask your COACHES!

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