Jan 14 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 14 2013

Jan 14 2013

Fantastic effort yesterday on a tough workout. In this training cycle as The Open draws closer we’ll be hitting muscle ups in two very different ways – Once every two weeks we’ll hit a WOD like yesterdays to practice them gassed and once a week we’ll work on building strength and skill to simply do our first one. The purpose of these two days is pretty different and it’ll be very easy to tell them apart. The practice WODs won’t be on Wednesday’s and the skill/strength development days will be on Wednesdays. So, if Muscle Ups are something you don’t have yet make sure to come to all of the Wednesday classes and work the strength components we program in the Not for Time WODs. On the practice style days do either the substitute movements, like pull ups yesterday, or do the banded transitions if you’re close to getting a Muscle up.

Kevin Ogar
As many of you have probably heard by now Kevin Ogar, a CrossFit coach from Matt Hathcock’s gym CrossFit Unbroken, had a tragic accident this past weekend while competing at the OC Throwdown. Reports differ about what actually happened but it appears that Kevin fell on some plates either while snatching or during the max snatch event which has left him with a spinal cord injury – he has yet to voluntarily move the lower half of his body.

To be clear this was an accident. He didn’t hurt himself with poor form, not knowing his limits, or jumping in over his head – this guy is a top level CrossFit competitor and coach. Instead he was the victim of the environment he was in, which could have happened to anyone, at a well established competition that saw multiple past Games champions competing (Read: not at all second rate).

As Kevin is without insurance and will need months and years of rehabilitation several donation pages have been set up. If you’d like to donate immediately you can use the Fundly Page Here. However, I will be waiting until Barbells for Boobs, who we’ve worked with in their fundraising for the past 3 years, to launch their fundraising site later today. Apparently Fundly takes up to 8% of donations and B4B will have a more direct way to donate.

Already nearly $90,000 has been donated in just over 36 hours along with pledges of additional funds from upcoming camps, competitions, and equipment sales. The CrossFit Community is extremely strong even for people we’ve never meet but hope to WOD with someday soon. I’ll keep you guys posted on the B4B donation page info as it becomes available.

Skills to think about – It might seem trite to follow that up with this muscle up skill video but from everything I’ve read and seen Kevin would rather that you guys watch and re-watch and fully get this video instead of surfing the net feeling sorry about him.

This is the best breakdown of Muscle Ups I have ever seen.

Nick Bloch Muscle-Up Comparison with Daniel Tyminski from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.

200m Row
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
– Rest 2 Min –

15 KBS (1.5/1p)
15 WallBalls (20/14)

– Rest 2 min –

50 Double Unders (20 Attempts, No singles)
20 Push Ups

Comp Work
5 Min to Establish a 1RM for the following Complex (Don’t worry about the start weights or 10lb increases in the video):

Squat Clean
Left Side Lunge Step
Right Side Lunge Step
Shoulder to Overhead

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