Jan 15 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 15 2014

Jan 15 2014

Today is the day. The CrossFit Games Open registration starts today…but as is normal with The CrossFit Games it doesn’t start this early today. So, I don’t have a registration link for you – yet.

About The Open

The Open lasts 5 weeks and consists of 1 WOD, released on Thursday night, that must be completed and submitted by Monday night each week. Each WOD must be judged and validated at an affiliate or video taped. As in years past we’ll be hosting Open WODs on Saturdays.

Should you do The Open? That depend because you MUST do the WODs RX’d. Does this mean that since you can only do 1 rx’d pull-up that you shouldn’t, not necessarily. The Open competition WODs give us a unique opportunity to do workouts that require us to ask more of ourselves – The actual “workout” you get might not be very good at all, imagine standing around a bar for 10 min trying to squat clean just 1 rep… not a great workout, but they might be just what you need to get that PR – which happens all the time during The Open.

Your options are pretty clear: Register and Compete. Don’t register but do the WODs rx’d anyway. Don’t register and do the WODs scaled. Or don’t register and don’t do the WODs.

The Choice is yours. Either way everyone is welcome to come out on Saturdays starting in March to cheer!

3 – Position Power Clean
(High Hang, Hang, 2″ From Floor)

3 Rounds – Not For Time

10 Ring Rows (ME Muscle Ups if each set is greater than 5, if Not do 1 set ME then do all the Ring Rows)
25 WallBall Sit Ups
15 KB Snatches (AHAP)

Comp Work – Keep in mind that Beginner’s are at 7A and 5:30P and that Classes will be using much of the floor to Clean today.
4 Rounds
250m Row
14 Wallballs
7 Power Snatches (95/65)

Wow Dmac, that looks like a WOD in the Comp Work…did you mess up? No, go re-read the comp work description at the start of this cycle and pay special attention to the Volume and Loading

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