Jan 16 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Jan 16 2014

Jan 16 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11AM come see what CrossFit is all about!

And the entire Internet shook with the release of the CrossFit Open Registration. If you choose to register you’ll be asked to choose your affiliate and then if you want to join a team – both are listed at “MTM CrossFit”. You should feel no pressure to sign up and compete. You’ll get a chance to do the WODs anyway with the normal class either way.

If you’re interested in judging consider taking the Online Judges course to keep you up to speed on movement standards for competition – especially if you plan to make a run at Regionals or The Games, and if you did it last year since they’ll waive the $10 fee.

Kevin Ogar Update
I’ve seen the video and what appears to happen is that Kevin bailed a 225lb snatch behind himself after standing more than halfway up with it. The bail was the right thing to do and he executed it just fine. As a fell over into a seated position the bar, falling behind him, struck a stack of 45lb plates and ricocheted back into his back at which point his legs go from a bent position to flopping straight out in front of him. It seems that poor platform set up and extremely bad luck were to account for Kevin’s accident.

The Official Fundraising Page for Kevin Ogar is up and running. While the rest of the fitness internet has been pinging itself back and forth with everything from “This accident proves CrossFit is dangerous” to “Why didn’t he have health insurance” The CrossFit Community worldwide has raise over $180,000 for Kevin. At MTM we will be doing the “Ogar” fundraising WOD in a couple of months when the Open is over and the hype of his injury, and likely speed of donations, has slowed.

Push Press
1×8 60%
1×6 70%
1×6 75%
1×4 80%

Deadlift (225/135)
Pull Ups

Comp Work
Hatch 1/3

1×8 65%
1×8 70%
1×6 80%
1×6 85%

Squat Clean + 1 Jerk (The Standing up from the Squat Clean is in place of the Front Squat for Hatch. The % is the weight you’re aiming to hit off your Front Squat. No, this is not a realistic number for the actual clean, I’m just giving you some direction that every 2 sets of 3 the weight goes up. So don’t load up 80% of your front squat if that’s above your 1RM Squat Clean – duh.)
2×3 60%
2×3 70%
2×2 75%
2×2 80%

10min Alternating OTM
Row 200m
10 Burpees

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